AAR Conflict in Aokkii System

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CAPT MacLeod, James

After Action Report

LOCATION Berteka Nebula to Aokii II, Aokii System Betazed Sector

MISSION Particle Analysis and Pre Colonization survey of the Berteka Nebula

OUTCOME Survey completed analysis is underway. Encounter with “Trueway and Jem Hadar” four shipyards destroyed 4 True way squadrons destroyed.


  • Cmdr Flores
  • LtCmdr Six of Nine
  • LtCmdr T’vRell
  • Lt Edohsli
  • LtCmdr Zarva
  • Lt Koss
  • Lt Blet

NARRATIVE Star Date 97135.9, USS DunVegan was conducting an astrological survey and particle analysis of the Berteka Nebula headed by Ltcmd T’Vrell and her team. Survey completed within schedule time frame and analysis is underway, results to be communicate to Starfleet Science once completed.

Star Date 97138.6 Six and Dr Koss have completed the pre-colonist survey of the nebula. Class 4 probe was successfully deployed to continue monitoring, before colonization efforts continue.

Star Date 97141.4, Per regulation once we completed the survey we attempted to hail the orbital science station around Aokki II to communicate results and to perform a standard courtesy check on their conditions. No response from either the station or the deep space relay. As per our standing patrol orders with the Taurus squad we set course to investigate.

Once we entered the system, long range sensors detected debris in both location of the station and the relay. Material analysis confirmed that these were the remains of both facilities. No survivors were located.

It wasn’t long after we entered the system that we were detected by “True Way” ships. They refused to answer hails and opened fire immediately. We destroyed 2 Galor class ships and then encountered 4 Jem Hadar fighters, all ships destroyed. Sensory analysis later confirmed with a recovered data core indicates that these were “Alphas” unknown where they originated.

Further investigation revealed 4 ship yards guarded by both Jem Hadar fighters and True Way ships, all destroyed. Shipyards self-destructed. Apparently they were set to detonate if scanned by non True way ships. Debris is currently undergoing analysis reports to follow.
OP4 Losses

  • 3 Galor Class Cruisers
  • 7 Jem Hadar Fighters
  • 1 Jem Hadar Heavy Battle ship

Casualty Report
200 Casualties

  • 122 Minor Injuries
  • 65 Moderate to Severe Injuries
  • 13 Fatalities
    Next of Kin notifications included in this transmission.

Damage Report

  • Hull damage to 66% of structural integrity
  • Forward and Starboard shield arrays down 2-3 day repair time
  • Primary phaser array and secondary launchers are off line

RECOMMENDATION DunVegan will postpone current mission and patrol and return to DS13 for emergency repairs.

Bedazed Sector should be placed on high alert and patrols increased in this area.

We should reach out to DS9 as well as the Cardasian ambassador to see if they have intelligence on True Way activity and Jem Hadar activity. They have been extremely quiet. We need to assess if this is a one off active cell or a prelude to increased hostilities

RECOGNITION All listed parties perform their duties above and beyond the call of duty in light of a highly stressful situation involving overwhelming odds and a superior opposition force. Posthumous accommodations submitted.