AAR: Consuming Flame SAR

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CMDR Kermit, J.

After Action Report

LOCATION T’Ong Nebula, Qo’noS Sector

MISSION Routine patrol of Federation/Klingon border.

OUTCOME Followed distress call into Klingon space. Search and rescue operations aborted after being ordered to depart by KDF authorities. SS MacGuffin remains MIA.


  • USS Atlantis
    • CMDR Kermit, J.
    • LCDR H’ajah
  • USS Valkyrie
    • CMDR Kermit, E.
    • LT Mercer, O.

NARRATIVE During routine patrol of the Klingon border, Atlantis received a partial distress call from the SS MacGuffin. The report indicated that the ship suffered a navigational failure and drifted off course. Atlantis was joined by the Valkyrie and the decision was made to venture across the border and into Klingon space, following the ion trail of the wayward vessel. Pursuant to Starfleet General Orders 6 and 13.

The trail led us to the Qo’noS Sector, specifically, to the edge of the T’Ong Nebula. Sensor interference prohibited further tracking externally, so we were forced to enter the nebula. We deployed a series of sensor buoys to aid in navigation and to notify us of the arrival of any other vessels entering the nebula along a similar vector.

Within the nebula, we stumbled upon a minefield. It is worth noting that the mines were of Romulan Imperial construction, though the proliferation of Romulan technology in Klingon space limits the suggestion of Star Empire involvement to mere speculation. Valkyrie was struck by one of the mines and sustained minor damage, but her crew managed to plot us a safe course through the field.

Beyond the mines, we located a derelict Klingon vessel, identified as the IKS chenmoH natlh, with damage consistent with an encounter with the minefield. There were no lifesigns aboard, though we did detect evidence that a small craft had been launched. There was no sign of the SS MacGuffin. We proceeded with efforts to track the chenmoH natlh’s small craft, in case there were survivors in distress, or on the off-chance that they might be able to tell us something about our missing civilian ship, however these efforts were interrupted by the arrival of a squadron of House Sorzal warbirds.

Atlantis hailed the lead ship and explained the situation and the purpose of our presence. The Captain, who did not volunteer his name, assured us that there were no survivors and insisted that we depart Klingon space immediately. A request to conduct a thorough search, with their supervision and assistance, was met with a warning shot and a repeated order to depart immediately.

Rather than risk a diplomatic and/or violent incident, Atlantis and Valkyrie departed the nebula via our original route and proceeded under escort back to Federation space.

RECOMMENDATION Atlantis has resumed its assigned patrol of the border and is expected to return to DS13 approximately 9 hours later than scheduled. Valkyrie likewise has resumed its previous assigned duties.

OOC Thanks @Sophist for running this, was fun! Note that the SS MacGuffin is a totally made-up ship. Records of its “distress call” were conveniently “corrupted” during the encounter in the nebula. A real shame, those antiquated Excelsior computer systems!