AAR: Contact Tracing

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CMDR Sedai, Katriel

LOCATION Stukrid System

MISSION Track and analyze star system long period comet, ascertain elemental composition and whether or not it could be an influence in Stukrid natives’ technological development.

OUTCOME Mission abandoned due to crew medical emergency. Some comet fragments were obtained via transporter before Reyga departed system, so some data may still be procured.


  • CAPT Kermit
  • CMDR Sedai
  • LCDR Kuvak
  • LT Castillo
  • LT Kholoi*
  • LT Sono
  • ENS Aenki
  • ENS Ban
  • ENS Sadaann

* not on shift at this time, but was identified as patient zero

NARRATIVE Reyga tracked down the star system comet and matched speed and trajectory.

Unfortunately, as bridge crew began planning our execution of analysis, several members began to display concerning symptoms.

  • LT Sono was the first, when she started to complain of extreme sleepiness and had difficulty staying conscious.
  • I started to suffer intermittent, then persistent, auditory hallucination.
  • LCDR Kuvak’s mannerisms and behavior became increasingly erratic, especially in his choice of language.
  • CAPT Kermit was afflicted by apparently random and sudden bouts of narcolepsy.

LT Castillo had escorted LT Sono to sickbay for review, LCDR Kuvak requested site to site transport to medical for CAPT Kermit while he was unconscious later.

  • ENS Ban began complaining of gustatory hallucination and was also suffering from gradual epidermal discoloration.
  • ENS Sadaann complained about the temperature being unusually warm and was afflicted by overwhelming stress and nerves
  • ENS Aenki’s internal physiology was somehow altered to produce instantly flammable persperiation, which the ship’s fire suppression systems was able to keep in check.

As the remaining commanding officer on the bridge, I elected to scrub the mission and ordered the remaining afflicted personnel to sickbay. I additionally paged the secondary bridge staff to report and awaited their arrival, briefed them on the circumstances, then reported to sickbay myself.

LT Castillo had, by this point, began to hone in on the commonality between all of our disparate symptoms and discovered that we had all interacted to one degree or another with LT Kholoi, who was evidently unconscious in her quarters at that time. LT Castillo ordered a medical beam out and was able scan for the full virus contained in Kholoi’s physiology, which allowed for relatively quick synthesis of treatments for all officers.

LT Kholoi, as patient zero, remains in stable condition, though will need more time for recovery than the rest of the afflicted.

RECOMMENDATION High priority on determining where/how LT Kholoi was infected by unknown virus.

RECOGNITION LT Castillo maintained a cool head in a rapidly deteriorating medical situation and was able to pinpoint the common cause with commendable speed, despite the wildly varying symptoms.

OOC Kermit’s event for October. Backdated by one day.
Mission brief: 29 Oct: Contact Tracing
Mission transcript: https://argo.ex-astris.net/t/reyga-contact-tracing/3714