AAR: Contact With The Nass Boss

Filed By:
LT Loxton, N

On Call Response

LOCATION Drozana Station, Beta Quadrant

MISSION Mission to further the investigation into the suppliers of counterfeit Romulan weapons and discover where they are being manufactured and by whom.

OUTCOME Success. We were able to generate an opportunity to discover more information regarding the manufacture of these weapons.


Commander Rai

Lieutenant Loxton

Ensign Thyzee

Centurion Aidoann

NARRATIVE Tasked by Commander Rai to uncover the source of these counterfeit weapons, Centurion Aidoann, myself and Ensign Thyzee went undercover with a case of latinum to buy the merchandise from the supplier.

We were met upon arrival by the Ferengi named Frifth who led us to his supplier, one ‘Boss Nass’, a Pakled. Nass was accompanied by a party which included Nausicaans and an Orion female, who enjoyed smoking a cigarette.

After verifying the legitimacy of the sale, I handed over the case of latinum. I did this only after Ensign Thyzee confirmed to me that Nass was not the seller but a figurehead. The real power to negotiate lay with the Orion female. After securing a further rendezvous with the Orion, the party left the cargo hold and we returned to Commander Rai’s office for a de-brief.

The Commander expressed concern that I follow up with the opportunity to see the Orion female again and to gain more information on the counterfeit weapons, as well as see to the safe return of the considerable sum of latinum.

RECOMMENDATION Recommend that I be allowed to explore this opportunity with the Orion female and recover the latinum.

RECOGNITION Ensign Thyzee performed admirably during this mission and was invaluable to its outcome.

OOC Part two of the event The Eagle Takes Flight where the Lieutenant Loxton loses all the latinum for a date with a pretty Orion girl. Double-Oh…Uh-Oh?