AAR: Crescendo

Filed By:
BGEN Sadia Cynis

LOCATION I-7815 System, Itrin/Doza Sector border

MISSION Trap for Terran forces.

OUTCOME Trap successfully sprung. Majority of Terran forces destroyed.


  • BGEN Cynis, S. (I.K.S. Daramar)
  • CAPT Roh’Khan (I.K.S. Qul Cha’bIp)
  • CAPT Mirazuni, A. (U.S.S. Endeavour)
  • CAPT Holmes, A. (U.S.S. Dallas)
  • CAPT Tungsten, D. (U.S.S Dragon)

  • Inquisitor (I.S.S. Jellico)
  • Unknown (I.S.S. Celeres) // OOC: rammed the wrong ship
  • Unknown (I.S.S. Truss) // OOC: lost to tullaberry
  • Unknown (I.S.S. Joe Exotic) // OOC: Some vulcan guy of great importance

Terran force consisting of over 30 vessels was lured in the trap in I-7815 System. With the use of the natural phenomena and carefully placed mines within the asteroid belt, enemies were split into multiple smaller groups and engaged by our superior forces.
The opening of the battle went very well - ISS Truss was quickly destroyed before they managed to properly join the fray. The rest of the enemy force proved to be far more tenacious. The lead ship, ISS Jellico, managed to survive and evade the damage that would overpower even the Azedi dreadnaught, and against all odds they managed to escape their destruction. This was quickly followed by a suicidal ramming attack by ISS Celeres, which caused it’s destruction and some serious damage to USS Dragon. ISS Joe Exotic proved to be a great support to Terran forces, and they retreated as their own position became untenable and they started taking damage.
We proceeded to stabilize USS Dragon and perform rescue operations, before towing the disabled vessel to Yuhop system for repairs.

Finish this. Terran forces in Itrin Sector are now isolated - a small task force should be dedicated to the liberation of remaining Azedi systems, while the rest of the allied forces should fully focus on the main Terran force in Legia and Tau Zeta systems. Remaining stragglers can be handled afterwards.

All ship captains performed admirably. This level of coordination between the allied captains exceeded all the previous engagements I have participated in. The casualties we suffered are more the testament to enemy skill and luck than anything else, and our sensor logs and records of battle will easily prove that.

OOC Thanks to Kermit for running the event and everyone else who participated.