AAR: Crosshatching (11 Jun 2017)

Stardate: 93444.9AAR: Anti-Smuggling Operations: POI K 1597Report Submitted: CDT Stern, U.Level 1: Open

On stardate 93443.1 the U.S.S. Asimov, Ananke, and Yorktown departed Deep Space 13 bound for POI K 1597. A previous expedition to the system stumbled upon a deal between a then unknown alien and a Cardassian. The alien has since been identified as Echometan. The deal in question was the transfer of eggs, believed to be Irreo Echometan eggs. Our away team beamed to the location of the encounter, and set about investigating. It was quickly discovered that the transportation equipment was being hidden by a group of holographic trees. After a more thorough scan from orbit and a corresponding ground search effort the emitter was simply relocated by picking it up and carrying it to a new location.

Our search of the now revealed site did not yield many clues. We were able to determine that eggs were stored near the transporter for a short time until being sold to prospective buyers. The use of a dating algorithm indicated that the structures had been in place for roughly 20-30 years. The transporter pad had a limited function terminal that displayed a simple A to B transportation route. We sent the badge of Captain Burns through. Asimov was able to trace the badge to a small facility on an asteroid, and relocated to investigate further. Attempts to the scan and contact the facility resulted in raised shields. The terminal on the ground had the shield frequencies pre-programmed, likely to serve as a two way escape route. We were able to acquire those and use that transporter to beam a small team to the facility.

The away team beamed aboard with the extra addition of the holographic projector. It was decided that the use of the projector would aid in our surprise, and hopefully lead to a more diplomatic solution. If that were to fail, the distraction would be useful during hostilities. After identifying ourselves as Starfleet we were fired upon, and promptly returned fire. A brief firefight ensued while I attempted to find a bypass to the raised shields and summon security teams from the Asimov. My attempt was successful, albeit a bit unorthodox. Lacking the option of lowering the shields entirely, I transported a commbadge with a message to the Asimov using the pre-programmed shield frequency, then beamed back the security team. With numbers firmly in our favor we were able to quickly secure the facility. A security team member suffered severe injuries, but is in stable condition and expected to survive. I suffered a minor wound to the shoulder that was treated on scene, with a follow up in sickbay upon our return.

Our findings are somewhat troubling. A search of the facility revealed eleven Irreo adolescents in captivity, as well as six irreo eggs and incubators. Medical teams were dispatched to treat the children, and security transported the surviving smugglers to the brig. The ringleader was identified as a Cardassian female. In addition, a Starfleet medical hologram was serving as caretaker of the children, and stated his activation time was some 25 years prior. Further debriefing of the hologram and the prisoners is required. The hologram stated that several other children had been removed from the facility prior to our arrival. We'll need to work quickly to track them down.

Officers Involved:
Captain Dmitri Konieczko (Away Team)
Captain Andrej Timoreev (Ananke)
Captain Dallas Burns (Away Team)
Captain Samuel Bishop (Ananke)
Commander (RRF) Pecius ir'Pilatus (Away Team)
Commander Caspius (Asimov)
Lieutenant Commander Rose Hanson (Asimov)
Cadet Ulrich Stern (Away Team)

Cadet Ulrich Stern
Deep Space 13