AAR: Crown Prince of Parin Invitational

Filed By:
CAPT Zarath, Tellara

After Action Report

LOCATION Deep Space 13 Diplomatic Suite

MISSION The Crown Prince of Parin sent an open invitation to all members of Starfleet to engage in a cultural exchange.

OUTCOME Event largely a success, some further investigation required.


  • CAPT Zarath, T.
  • CAPT Skye, F.
  • CAPT Tungsten, D.
  • CDR t’Nuhirrien, V.
  • CMDR Verlin, K.
  • LTJG Izly, J.
  • ENS Thyzee
  • ENS Sovum, V.

  • Crown Prince of Parin and Party
    • Two Hidrun Under Ministers
    • Two Posdri Servants
    • One Hidrun Bodyguard

NARRATIVE This was a largely uneventful diplomatic gathering with few disruptions or incidents.

Festivities generally got off to a good start, with a range of food and beverages available, some interesting choices had been made by the Parin party in what appeared to be incorrect translations of traditional Human foods.

I conversed with the Crown Prince’s party directly to introduce them to the starbase. The Crown Prince seemed interested to learn what the Federation, or at least Starfleet, wished to do with Parin space. I assured him that Starfleet only had wish to engage in exploratory and scientific concerns in relation to Parin space.

The Crown Prince then mused if Starfleet would be interested in engaging in an agreement similar to one signed with the Dominion. Unfortunately I was unable to press further questions as other officers, seemingly encouraged by a member of the Prince’s party came over to ask for music and dancing, which the Prince took as a diplomatic gesture.

The event concluded shortly after with no appropriate point to press further questions to the Prince.

RECOMMENDATION Investigate Dominion involvement with Kingdom of Parin.

RECOGNITION Ensign Sovum’s offering of music and dance appeared to have a pleasing effect on the Crown Prince and may have benefited diplomatic relations.

OOC Thank you Valore for the event!


ADDENDUM Perhaps in the future, culinary and language databases should be offered prior to engaging in technological sharing agreements with unknown cultures and civilisations before we are given “Rib-Eye steak” (Ribs with a side of eyeballs) as food and “Straw-and-berry Lemonade” (With little liquid) to drink.