AAR: Curious Cargo

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CAPT Nimitz, A.H.

After Action Report

LOCATION Aldebaran Sector

MISSION Civilian distress call response.

OUTCOME Civilian transport S.S. Expositor recovered, loose lab specimen brought under control.


  • CAPT A. Nimitz
  • SCDR E. t’Cyklaas
  • LCDR T. zh’Kerro
  • LCDR Klaarna
  • LT K. Ledar
  • LT C. Mirez
  • ENS J. Heath
  • CPT E. Varerus (MACO)

While out on patrol the Pegasus received a partial distress call from a civilian freighter. Upon investigation, we found the freighter adrift in space.

The reporting officer lead the away team over to discovered exactly what had happened onboard the freighter. Upon our arrival we discovered that the interior of the ship had been transformed by organic matter of some kind.

Further investigation lead to the discovery of the only survivor onboard, one Doctor Evalyne, who explained that a number of specimen escaped containment, taking over the bridge and killing the other members of the crew, he requested our help in securing the ship and containing the escaped specimen.

With little difficulties, we were able to secure all specimen without any more casualties. The Pegasus then beamed the doctor back onboard and the Expositor was towed back to the Starbase for repairs.

RECOMMENDATION From the sounds of the way the Doctor Evalyne was speaking, she suggested this was not the first time an event like this has occurred on her watch, her mental stability is also questionable, I recommend that the Doctor be investigated and given an evaluation.

RECOGNITION All members involved conducted themselves well in a stressful situation and are to be commended for their work in securing a number of dangerous specimens without loss of life.

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