AAR: d2483 System Skirmish

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Captain Barron, Maikull

LOCATION Sector d2483

MISSION Defend Against Terran Insursion Into the System

OUTCOME Successfully Repelled Hostile Foreign Powers from the system and destroyed Terran Flagship.


  • Captain Maikull Barron [USS Alexander] Personnel Abducted
  • Captain Skye, Fiona [USS MacAlpine]
  • Captain F’rbio [USS Morgenstern]
  • Commander Tyrsoc [USS Moytura] Personnel Abducted
  • Sub-Commander T’Valerius [USS Asimov]


  • Admiral Perim, Neema (Mirror) [ISS Betazed] Destroyed


  • Unknown [IRW-T’Varo Class(α)] Destroyed
  • Unknown [IRW-T’Varo Class (β)] Escaped
  • Unknown [IRW-Faeht Class] Escaped
  • Unknown [IRW-Mogai Class] Escaped
  • Unknown [IRW Irix] (Adapted Battlecruiser) Escaped


USS Alexander responded to a Civilian Distress Signal in the d2483 System. Discovered Terran Imperial Flagship ISS Betazed attempting to board the systems abandoned station. While Federation reinforcements arrived to bolster our standing in the system, a Strike Wing of Unidentified Romulan Vessels decloaked, and declared both Terran and Federation forces as aggressors and demanded we all depart.

I ordered all Federation Starships to feign retreat, placing our forces in a manner that the Aggressive Terran Ship was between us and the Romulans as to flank it if necessary. As expected, the Terran Carrier met the Romulan’s advance with violence which the unidentified Romulans responded in kind. This left our task force standing by on the fringe, not wanting to spark a two-way conflict if necessary.

However, two more craft de-cloaked, one being an oversized battlecruiser that dwarfed even the Jupiter Carrier, which immediately attacked the Federation Response Team. A large battle ensued with the Romulans, to which the USS Asimov was able to identify as Romulan Star Empire vessels. The conflict even urged the Terran Ship to recommend us joining forces to combat.

As the Task Force focused its attention on the Battlecruiser, it was reported that the Romulans had abducted Crewmen from the USS Moytura and ISS Betazed. With our combined efforts, we were able to buckle the Battlecruisers shield grid and I transported a Boarding Party aboard, only for the ship to immediately withdraw, taking with it the captured crew and my away-team. Attempts were made to secure any other Romulan Vessel, but they all departed the system following their flagship.

Still faced with the Remaining Terran Ship, I ordered all vessels to combine their efforts on the ISS Betazed, and in the moment of pause, USS Moytura and USS MacAlpine were able to dispatch the Jupiter-Class Cruiser before it could retaliate or retreat. As she ship began to break apart I ordered my transporter rooms to lock onto any life-signs aboard the Terran Flag-ships bridge to attempt to save/capture the high-level enemy prisoner. [Following AAR on that incident to come]

RECOMMENDATION Investigation into the Derelict Star base may be warranted. This particular point in the Doza Sector could possibly used as a staging point for their advance across the southern border. I recommend we fortify this system, and set defense/detection systems to monitor and or prevent any further attempts. I also recommend we work with our Republic Allies to find out what the Romulan Star Empire is doing this far out, and where possibly our crewmen have ended up.

RECOGNITION All Starfleet Personnel performed admirably in this encounter, and thankfully was able to walk away with minimal damage despite such a threatening force. Everyone worked together for the same goals, and in the end we prevailed. I share the condolences for the lost/abducted crew of Commander Tyrsoc and the USS Moytura, as I too have lost crew due to this encounter. Special thanks to the Crew of the USS Asimov under the command of Sub-Commander T’Valerius who helped identify the Romulan Star Empire Ships, and special Commendation to Captain Skye for driving the final nail in the coffin of the Terran's Flagship. One more piece knocked off the board.

OOC Special Thanks to @Davin and @kermit for running this even. Even with the frightening appearance of the IRW Scissor Hands it was a fun and challenging encounter! And double thanks for everyone who heeded my call for help, I CLEARLY needed it! Lol.

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SCDR T'Valerius

ADDENDUM to D-2483 Skirmish

Following the engagement, USS Asimov attempted to track using sensors the Faeht Class vessel as it warped out. The vessel used standard Star Empire tactics in obscuring their destination by initiating singularity warp bubble without a destination in mind, cloaking before they laid in a a course. A Tachyon Pulse was initiated by the Asimov, but could not penetrate the cloaking field at extreme range.

Unsure what the Star Empire’s purpose in the system is, nor the Terran’s, USS Asimov has boarded the derelict station with additional security details and is currently investigating the station in detail in an attempt to uncover what may be going on and is conducting a thorough sensor scan of it and the surrounding area.

Investigation aboard the derelict station is ongoing.

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CATP Barron, Maikull

LOCATION USS Alexander; D2483 System, Doza Sector

MISSION Secure Terran Flag Officer; Admiral Neema Perim (Mirror)

OUTCOME Success with Heavy Casualties.


  • Captain Maikull Barron
  • Lieutenant Commander Mark-0

NARRATIVE Upon the imminent destruction of the Terran Flagship, I.S.S. Betazed. I ordered Transporter rooms to lock on to all lifeforms on the bridge of the enemy ship and beam them directly to the brig for questioning. Of the Terrans captured were 15 Humanoid ‘Terrans’, 2 Anear, and 1 Trill (Admiral Neema Perim). Transport removed all weapons and technology from the prisoners, but we were unaware of the Aenar and their advanced telepathic abilities until it was too late.

The Aenar used their abilities to kill/mind-control the 17 Armed Security Officers that were standing by, freeing themselves and re-arming the Terran Captives. There was then an active fire fight from the brig to the Cargo Transport Room where over half the Terran Forces were subdued or killed by defending officers, but an additional 29 were killed in their wake. Security Cheif Mark-0 was able to head off the intruders and prevent their escape via transport, and attempted to pacify them by flooding the transport room with compounded anesthetic gases released in the environmental systems.

Several more Terrans were taken into custody, while a small resistance managed to escape and try for the Shuttlebay. At this point, the potency and range of the Telepaths were far greater than any we have encountered, and orders were made for only automated defenses to engage them to preserve life of crewmen. Several more Terrans were captured and subdued in the fire fight leading to the Shuttlebay, including one of the Aenar.

The final three Terrans were re-captured in the shuttlebay, including Admiral Perim, after falling to a Decoy Shuttlecraft.


  • 10 Terran Prisoners were re-captured, 5 Killed in Action. Of the current captives, all are being held in isolation to prevent any further collaboration.

  • The Two Aenar Prisoners were captured, and are held in medical induced coma under watch of EMH programs on the Holodeck. I have quarantined that section of the ship, including two decks above and below. Due to the immense threat they pose to the ship and crew, I have instructed my CMO to medically lobotomize these subjects if necessary should they awaken to prevent further loss of life.

  • Admiral Neema Perim is also in medical quarantine under heavy guard and sedation.

Minus the 8-man Boarding Party we lost in the previous Fire Fight, 48 Officers were KIA.

RECOGNITION Following orders from RDML Bishop, Prisoner Transport will occur at:


[Deep-space 13]

OOC Special Thanks to @kermit for running this for me! It was less of an active RP, and more of a very fun co-op writing prompt