AAR: Dallas attacked by Hostile Probes

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CAPT Holmes, A. E.

LOCATION Patrol Route en route to Ionis Station

MISSION Patrol of sector transit route between DS13 and Ionis Station.

OUTCOME USS Dallas adrift and under tow by USS Endeavour returning to DS13 for repairs.
36 Dallas crewmembers KIA


  • Captain Holmes, Alexandria
  • Commander Samaras, Amelia
  • Lieutenant Neris
  • Lieutenant Terre, Jeei
  • Captain Valencia, Gabriella

NARRATIVE During our patrol, the USS Endeavour developed engine problems, leading to a power generation fault. So as to not cause undue delays, Dallas proceeded along the route. Half way along the route, Dallas encountered unidentifiable anomalies across multiple hull segments, followed in short order by multiple hull breaches. Dallas was brought to All Stop and Red Alert was issued.

Currently unknown to the Bridge crew, Dallas was being boarded by a hostile alien presence, with firefights breaking out across the ship. Main power lines were disabled quickly, followed quickly by other internal systems, including communications and sensors. I ordered power systems to be given repair priority.

Deck one was attacked afterwards, with the conference room being breached first, followed by the main bridge itself. I ordered the bridge crew to arm themselves. As the hostile probe breached the bridge, we erected a level 16 forcefield around the probe, however this resulted in the probe draining the power from our systems. The below image was captured before we lost power completely.

Lieutenant Neris and Terre were able to isolate a command frequency of the probes and scramble the command pathways, however this only slowed the probes down temporarily as they were presumably able to swap to a new frequency at high speed. During the attack, Ensign Chiyo, Ensign Bugh and Crewman Zaytseva were attacked and killed by the probe. I ordered a retreat to Engineering as the bridge was finally breached.

In Engineering, we were able to restore internal sensors for the secondary hull and discovered the extent of the situation. All decks were intruded by these probes, and the power drain was occurring from every corroborated location. Lieutenant Terre suggested we route core plasma via the fire-suppression systems, using a similar modulating spectrographic frequency. Given the deteriorating situation I made a broadcast hail to seek cover, and ordered the dispersal of warp plasma. The result of this was a large number of probes self destructing.

Following, we were notified that one of Dallas’ radiogenic laboratories had been compromised, and the research materials within were heading to a hypercritical state. I was informed that seven civilians had taken refuge in the area, but we were unable to isolate any potential probes in the area. I deemed the risk too great and opted to vent the compartment in question, knowing that that all aboard the Dallas are taught emergency procedures. However, the ODN lines had failed and we were unable to evacuate the compartment.

At this moment, the Endeavour had arrived on site and was able to open a communication channel with us. We described the situation to the Endeavour crew, and Commander Samaras deployed MACO Team 32 to the Dallas, who were able to shut down the reaction, and destroy the remaining hostile probes.

RECOMMENDATION It is my belief the area should be surveyed by a science vessel to determine the origin of the anomalies, the construction of the probes, and their purpose.

RECOGNITION Lieutenants Neris and Terre were successful in isolating the command frequencies used by the hostile probes, and proved valuable assets for securing the ship and her crew.

OOC Thanks for running the event Sam, very sorry for the delay getting the AAR up! This was a fun, if ICly traumatic, event :smiley: