AAR: Data Analysis

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Filed By:
LT Shea

After Action Report

LOCATION Fleet Research Lab

MISSION Analyze the data packet retrieved by the U.S.S. Attar.

OUTCOME Results of the analysis were inconclusive. Resolved to send a research team to the Kelterre Sector to acquire more data.


  • CAPT A Timoreev
  • CAPT A Mirazuni
  • LT Shea

NARRATIVE Upon arrival in the Fleet Research Lab, the research team attempted to decipher the contents of the data packet retrieved by the U.S.S. Attar. The packet contained an abstract pictogram that the team speculated was a map sent by an unknown alien race. Scans also indicated that there were heavy concentrations of gravitron particles. The team suggested that researchers might follow the gravitron particles like a trail to determine the location of the senders. The team also speculated about the motive for sending the map, debating whether it was a warning or a distress call. The team could not decipher the meaning behind the message itself - β€œThe Simorgh and us.” In the end, the team concluded that more data was needed before they could draw any concrete conclusions.

RECOMMENDATION Recommend diverting fleet resources for another expedition to the Kelterre Sector to gather more data.