AAR: Debt Collectors

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SGT Blarg

After Action Report

LOCATION Ferengi-Run Warehouse

MISSION Covertly obtain select crates of weapons, valued at one billion bars of gold pressed latinum.

OUTCOME Objectives achieved without casualties. Confiscated cargo delivered to Deep Space 13.


  • CAPT Nimitz, A.
  • CMDR Salene, N.
  • CPT Valencia, G., MACO
  • SGT Blarg, MACO

NARRATIVE Listed personnel arrived at DS13 conference room in response to summons for assignment. CPT Valencia briefed, assumed command of Strike Team. Captain Nimitz revealed that his payment to the Ferengi was not completed, but the weapons marked for purchase were to be confiscated.

Strike Team boarded shuttle and loaded aboard unspecified freighter. Strike Team ferried to destination warehouse. Warehouse security temporarily disabled to allow entry.

Strike Team debarked. Identified crates marked for delivery to “Amister Nomotz”. Target crates tagged for transport. Identified a large unboxed railgun-type weapon, tagged for transport. Two Nausicaan guards and two Ferengi were rendered unconscious.

Strike Team witnessed apprehension of a male adolescent Orion on suspicion of theft by warehouse guards.

Strike Team overheard warehouse guards and Ferengi discussing the intended sale of weapons to Klingon House Sorzal.

Strike Team exfiltrated without casualties. Cargo returned to Deep Space 13.

RECOMMENDATION Recommend a MACO Team be deployed to conduct a proper raid of this facility.

OOC Report for Debt Collectors, GMed by @Sam.