AAR: Defense of Qo'nos

TO: General Wrot'kaFROM: "Asset 23"

General, as you are well aware of the attack on the Homeworld, I will spare you the broad details in favor of more specific ones you may have been unaware of up to this point.

Despite a fierce defense, our local defense forces were overwhelmed. Several Starfleet and Romulan vessels in the sector joined Imperial vessels to bolster the defense.

Several enemy vessels were defeated attempting to cripple the Homeworld's production facilities by targetting her primary orbital facilities. Securing those points allowed allied forces to clear the way for relief ground forces to bolster the defense on the surface.

Many major cities were attacked, but the fighting spirit of our people significantly limited the damage. More damage was seen in the rural areas as their lightly populated towns were mostly filled with the agricultural class who have not been as sufficiently trained in the art of war. Exact casualty numbers may be impossible to ascertain due to poor record-keeping among the smaller houses in those areas.

I personally fought with several Starfleet officers and one arrogant Romulan to secure key portions of the First City. Three members of the High Council were wounded, one critically, during the fighting, but all were eventually evacuated. Most fought honorably, though some have grown fat and complacent in their position. I will forward you dossiers on each of the Counselors along with personal details and risk assessment.

Most Starfleet and Romulan assets fought with honor, and many perished to defend our home. My contact within the 38th fleet informed me that several of their ships were critically damaged fighting the Herald Dreadnought. At least two of the 38th's ships were lost in that engagement.

The science ship USS Kindred, heavy destroyer IKS Kahless Wrath, and Reman warbird Retribution formed the core of the search and rescue efforts, despite each taking a fair amount of damage in the conflict. The Kindred was eventually forced to withdraw and the Kahless Wrath took over as an ad hoc field hospital. Captain Shale Lymaz offered some praise for a Lieutenant K'alayr who served as a field medic for the critically injured. The Retribution inexplicably withdrew after transporting over several casualties from the Kahless Wrath. Shortly afterwards, the RRW Llair mh 'Aerrh arrived with a more qualified medical team.

Three hundred fifty seven of the USS Basilone's four hundred ninty two crew were recovered by allied ships after the battle. The remaining are considered missing in action, presumed dead.

Only fifteen of the RRW Destrix's seven hundred fifty crew were rescued. Many of her escape pods were destroyed in the Destrix's explosion and several others were caught in the crossfire.

The allied ground forces fared surprisingly better. My personal belief is that the Iconians were not expecting to be bogged down by a militarized populace in addition to our defense forces. This would have left them in a much weaker position than they intended once relief forces arrived.

There are many stories from this battle General, and this is only one. The Record of Battle would be greatly enhanced with the telling of others. I will continue my investigations.