AAR: Distress Call Response

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CAPT Skye, F.

After Action Report

LOCATION Local Space

MISSION Response to civilian distress call.

OUTCOME U.S.S. MacAlpine, U.S.S. Sunrise and U.S.S. Endeavour responded to the civilian distress call, during which the listed ships where ambushed by a cloaked vessel.


  • CAPT Skye, F. (U.S.S. MacAlpine)
  • CAPT Hanson, R. (U.S.S. Sunrise)
  • CAPT Mirazuni, A. (U.S.S. Endeavour)

NARRATIVE U.S.S. MacAlpine (MacAlpine) and U.S.S. Sunrise (Sunrise) departed from Deep Space 13 (DS13), making rendezvous with U.S.S. Endeavour (Endeavour) upon arriving at the distress call.

Upon arrival the MacAlpine began standard sensor sweeps attempting to ascertain the situation, however, the debris from the vessel in distress (VID) was interfering with sensor scans. After attempting to hail the VID and not receiving any response, the Sunrise began to orbit the VID to attempt to get sensor and visual scans of the other side of the ship. While the Sunrise did this, the MacAlpine approached the VID from our warp-in point, with the Endeavour providing security.

Communication with the Sunrise was soon lost, resulting in the Endeavour moving towards the Sunrise. However it was at this point the VID detonated, ships received minimal damage from the detonation.
The Endeavour reported detecting a ship warp in at the moment of detonation, this was relayed to the other ships moments before the cloaked vessel opened fire.

MacAlpine attempted a tachyon sweep which was unable to reveal the cloaked vessel. The captains of the Endeavour and Sunrise reported having run into this ship previously and immediately started to fire weapons in wide arrays to attempt to find the hostile vessel. The moment the location of the hostile ship was identified fire was directed onto the target.
The Sunrise suffered the brunt of the hostile fire, resulting in a portion of their shields failing before the hostile vessel warped out of the system.

The MacAlpine was unable to reliably identify the vessel, its operators, or the amount of damage dealt to it during the engagement.
However, the Endeavour later identified the vessel as being Klingon.

RECOMMENDATION It is this captains recommendation that the fleet remain on alert for this vessel, and if possible identify its point of origin. The ship is well armed, well protected and has a cloaking device that did not reveal itself under a tachyon sweep. Also, the crew of the vessel are clearly confident in their abilities, especially after this engagement, where they engage three large flagship/heavy/battlecruisers and managed to withdraw.

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