AAR: Doctor Pohl, I Presume?

Stardate 96320.6
LT S. Valore
Level 2 - Confidential

LOCATION: Elox, Archanis Sector.

MISSION: Acquire Dr. Pohl.

OUTCOME: Dr. Pohl secured and Shuttle Polity en route to DS13. His son Brandy was left on the planet due to complications.

LT S. Valore

NARRATIVE: This officer was responding to what was interpreted by fleet command as a distress signal arising from Elox by a suspected Doctor Maximilian Pohl. Upon arrival, this officer detected a singular building on the planet capable of sustaining human life. The atmosphere is deemed incredibly toxic and too high a pressure for most Federation species, including this officer.

This officer proceeded to contact the local docking and customs authority. This officer was given a docking location on the orbital station and proceeded to it. It should be noted that, following research conducted by this officer, it was believed that the planetary government is what one would call xenophobic isolationist. Following discussion and negotiation with the representative of the government, video was presented that allowed this officer to confirm the living status of Doctor Pohl and his son Brandy. It should be noted that the latter's skin was blue and he appeared unhealthy to a lay individual such as this officer.

Following negotiation, the local official was unwilling at first to allow this officer to bring Doctor Pohl with her. A deal was eventually concluded in which the planetary government would release Pohl into Starfleet custody with the express promise that Pohl will be returned back to Elox two weeks from this date. This officer also attempted to secure Brandy's release as well, but the local representative informed this officer that a release would result in the child's death. Both Pohl and Brandy are subjected to extreme pressure inside a habitable dome constructed for them. From conversation with the official, it is believed that they may be attempting to acclimate to the planet in order to live as one of the inhabitants. The government constructed the habitat for them, and with great effort and pride - as this officer noted from conversations with the official.

Believing that no better bargain could be struck without increased diplomatic pressure on Starfleet's part and healthcare officials capable of assisting Brandy on the scene, this officer chose to formalize the negotiation. As of this moment, this officer is returning on Shuttle Polity with Doctor Pohl to Deep Space Thirteen. Brandy remains on Elox.

On a tangential note, when the agreement was formalized the government had Doctor Pohl's habitat moved from its location to a different one in which transport was possible. It would appear that some parts of the planet do not support transporter beaming, and this should be taken with caution. Moreover, communication with Doctor Pohl was impossible prior to transport. The government official claimed his communicator was broken, but this officer has no way of verifying that. This officer recommends caution.

RECOMMENDATION: Recommend Starfleet Command formulate a decision on what to do regarding the son of Doctor Pohl. Recommend Deep Space Thirteen create an agreeable habitat for Doctor Pohl, as he is more used to increased pressure. Recommend medical personnel tend to the Doctor upon arrival at Deep Space Thirteen - a medical tricorder scan detected metal in his lungs from the planetary atmosphere.

OOC: Thanks to Calyx for GMing.