AAR: Dogs & Cats

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CMDR Jarnefelt, Charlotte

After Action Report

LOCATION Tau Zeta System, New Zantaar

MISSION Respond to distress call from Ferasan that originated from New Zantaar/Zantaari home world.

OUTCOME Arrived to New Zantaar to find Ferasan. Spoke with Zantaari who had been attacking the Ferasan and began to work out peaceful resolution

Commander Charlotte Jarnefelt - Acting Asimov CO
Lieutenant Commander Kara Blake
Lieutenant Commander Tysir Odi
Lieutenant Commander Six Often
Lieutenant Ryrel Terin
Lieutenant JG Thyzee
Lieutenant JG Addie Murphy

NARRATIVE During our routine mission of planetary surveys we began to receive a signal from an unknown source. We opened a channel were a panicked Ferasan began to beg us for help and that they were under attack. While in contact the Ferasan was attacked and we had lost contact.

My team quickly were able to trace the signal back to New Zantaar, where the Zantaari (A federation protectorate) reside. We made our way quickly to the system scanning the planet as we approached. Our scans revealed several settlements on the surface, which is not surprising given the Zantaaris growth. We also detected a colony ship which seemed to be in the middle of being dismantled to set up a new colony in a less inhabited area of the planet.

When we arrived in the system. (After a report from Lieutenant Commander Tysir came through that our warp field was destabilising/signs of an Interdictor - Though after looking at data after events on the surface this report/claim seems inconsistent.) We attempted to hail the colony and had no response. Commander Blake stayed behind while we went to planet below.

When we arrived on the planet we were greeted by the sight of the colony. A lot of the cargo pods had been used to make tall buildings. There was a lot of debris - It is quite clear that the ship had crashed. We investigated a building where we were getting strange radiation readings from. Lieutenant Commander Tysir found a core that was leaking radiation. We were fine, however prolonged exposure could be fatal. Lieutenant Commander Six also made contact with a Ferasan who was hiding, but didn’t seem to give much away. While scanning the reactor it was clear that it had been damaged by Klingon Disruptors. I believe the Ferasans were attempting to escape the Klingons and eventually crash landed on New Zantaar.

We then heard a large pack of Zantaari aggressively heading toward us. We help up in the building and I made dialogue with the Zantaari. They wanted to know why we were helping the Cats. I explained it was because we are the Federation and we help people like we helped the Zantaari. They explained that the cats had been making them sick and attacking them which cause the Zantaari to retaliate. Me and the team reached the conclusion that the reactor leaking radiation for several weeks and hence was causing the Zantaari to get sick. I told the Zantaari we could fix the thing that was causing them to be sick and also treat them. Lieutenant Commander Tysir and an engineering team began to work on the reactor.

I explained that this was likely an accident and the Ferasans likely meant no harm to the Zantaari. Much like the Zantaari they too were forced from there old homes and went in search of a new - and ended up here by accident. I made the suggestion that we the federation open talks between the Zantaari and the Ferasans to find a peaceful solution to their conflict.

RECOMMENDATION I would recommend command begin to look into the situation, and potential relocation of the Ferasans or work with the two species to work out an agreement between the two parties. As Chief Medical Officer I can begin to treat and work on the radiation sickness caused by the reactor.

RECOGNITION I would like to acknowledge made by my entire away team. As I’m only a Chief Medical officer, being thrust into a CO role can mean I have gaps in my knowledge and they all performed admirably to support me in reaching a peaceful solution with the Zantaari.

OOC This is the AAR for the event Dogs & Cats living together If I have missed anything or misrepresented your actions at all please do let me know! I don’t have a log of the event one of the other attendees potentially could. Also big thanks to Kermit for running!