AAR: Doza System Engagment

CC FCAPT Dewey, FCAPT Perim, CMDR T'Press
SUBJ Doza System Engagment

On Stardate 91944.5, a task force under the commander of CAPT Eli Altais departed Deep Space 13 enroute to the Otha system, to join the R.R.W. Apnex in a humanitarian relief mission (See attached file 13X-1857 for Operational Orders). The three vessel task force, consisting of the USS Atlantis (crewed by base personnel under CAPT Altais), USS Robau (CAPT Buchanan) and USS Douglas (CAPT Hollister), arrived at the rendezvous point, but was unable to make contact with the Apnex. Instead, the Robau was diverted to the nearby Doza system to investigate a distress signal. Discovering that the colony on Doza IV was under attack by a Borg fleet (See attached file 42E-0038 for intelligence on Borg strength and intentions). CAPT Buchanan unhesitatingly engaged Borg forces in an attempt to buy time for the task force to arrive. Relief forces from DS13 were also dispatched, but failed to arrive in time to affect the outcome.

The task force arrived approximately one half Earth Standard hour after the beginning of the attack. Several Starfleet vessels already on the scene had been overwhelmed, the USS Persephone boarded and taken, and the USS Soval and USS Temeraire destroyed. A number of civilian owned vessels had already escaped, judging by present warp trails. CAPT Altais ordered the force to engage the Borg, attempting to draw off the fleet from the planet. The Borg had landed on the surface prior to our arrival, and had begun assimilating the inhabitants. The task force destroyed a number of Sphere and Probe type Borg vessels, but failed to entice the Borg away from the planet.

Following the setback,CAPT Altais ordered the Atlantis and Douglas into transporter range, and initiated evacuation of all possible civilians, along with orbital bombardment to slow down the spread of Borg forces, while the Robau provided cover. A total of 13,167 civilians were evacuated from Doza IV in this manner, before the task force was forced to withdraw from an attacking Cube type vessel. Shortly after this, the Borg finished the assimilation of the remaining colonists, and CAPT Altais ordered a retreat and return to DS13.

Attached Files
13X-1857 (Operational Orders)
42E-0038 (Borg Forces and Intentions)
21A-1345 (Casualty Reports: Starfleet)
21A-1346 (Casualty Reports: Civilian)
62R-7740 (Damage Reports: 38th Fleet Vessels)

Commander Erika Hayasaki
Officer Commanding, USS Kings Mountain