AAR: Droni Disarray

Filed By:
Captain Roh'Khan

LOCATION Droni System, Doza Sector

MISSION Disrupt Terran Activities in the System



  • Captain Roh’Khan of House Terrath [ I.K.S. Qul Cha’bIp]
  • Captain Serah of House Grant [U.S.S. Artemis]

Reports stated that Starfleet had intended to cut Terran supply lines at Kilur System, however the slippery dogs managed to fortify the Droni System and still have a narrow window afforded to them. I intended to deprive them of that. Teaming up with Federation Captain Grant of the USS Artemis, we set out to sabotage the Minefield in the system.

The Kortar Class Raptor and the Gagarin Class Battlecruiser entered the system together. Operating under cloak, several boarding parties were beamed to various control stations in the system in an effort to sabotage the minefield that had been re-activated by the Terrans. Acting as distraction, the USS Artemis assaulted a large mining asteroid facility where the Terrans appeared to be operating out of. The quick successful assaults made by the two vessels managed to punch a hole into the facility, allowing our small and nimble starships to enter it and raise hell.

Not only did we manage to disable the Main mining facilities power generators, but also free several civilian craft that were inside. We also destroyed a Dreadnaught Class starship that appeared to be under construction deep within the bowels of the asteroid. Receiving word that the raiding parties jobs were finished, we quickly escaped the asteroid and system as the Minefield’s targeting sensors were scrambled, seeking out friend AND foe alike, hindering the Terrans from pursuing us.

As where the mine field is still operational, it is now just as much THEIR problem as it is ours, and sensors indicated that the ships that survived the re-targeting have fled the system. Starfleet should not squander this opportunity and send a task force to wipe out the minefield and re-secure it with defense satellite weaponry. Damage to the Mining Facilty was regrettable, but at least THEY cant use it any longer to fuel their needs in the Sector.

Captain Grant and her Crew have restored my faith in our Starfleet Allies. They fought just as hard as any Klingon Warrior, and I owe her crew a Cask of Bloodwine when next we dock!


Me and @Serah played the TFO: Breach. (once again, substituting Voth for Terrans) was a REALLY fun TFO I had never played, and despite being on advanced difficulty (and running my non optimized Klingon Raptor) we did very well with no destructions, and all objectives met!