AAR: Droni System Encounter (MU)

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LCDR Izly, Jodi

LOCATION Doza Sector, Droni System

MISSION Ensure claim of the Droni System

OUTCOME Near-Critical Success.

ISS Birk, LCDR Izly, J.

USS Asimov, CAPT Varley, L.

NARRATIVE The Birk sat in waiting for the majority of a cycle to see about possible capture of the Droni System; eventually finding the Federation’s USS Asimov- a rather old, almost historical Science Vessel; making a stop inside to perform its duties- being helmed by their version of the Duchess Varley.

After spotting the Birk, they appeared to ignore the vessel before sending out a all-personnel comms report stating that a ‘Level Nine Ion Storm’ was approaching the system, and that all vessels were to leave immediately lest they be torn asunder…in truth however, it was revealed by simply holding our ground (and the fact that the Asimov itself stayed in the system space after) that the storm was merely an illusion performed by the crew on-board- a rather fun party-trick if anything. The Captain was nice enough to stop and chat afterwards, then performing the usual back-and-forth of attempting to persuade the Birk to depart from the system with the threat of backup among other things- of course none was anywhere near the system; and while they were given many chances to leave themselves; the discussion did eventually turn into a small tussle.

The Sci Vessel itself was very cleverly used, a good number of matrix hacks performed during the fight along with some almost impressive choices of modifying their shields to take a blast- and even out-maneuvering one volley of fire from the Birk. In the end however, the vessel was no match due to its age and underpowered nature- and the Captain Varley made the wise decision to depart from the system instead of being destroyed; along with having its backup keep with it as to not lose any more vessels.

RECOMMENDATION All Officers commanding vessels are advised to perform some level of study on the various ways a Matrix Hack can affect their ships capabilities during combat- while we have our own abilities in the same area, familiarization of the subject can ensure swifter victories in the future.

RECOGNITION A general recognition to the entire crew of the Birk, whom under possible assumption of utter destruction via the illusory Ion Storm held their ground with none faltering in bravery or loyalty before learning of its falsehood.

OOC Thanks for letting me gut-punch you a bunch, @Lauren; you’re a good sport with all these single-vessel fights. <3