AAR: Drozana Incident 2 ((Electric Boogaloo))

Stardate 96103
LT S. Valore
Level 3 - Restricted

LOCATION: Drozana Station, Drozana Sector

MISSION: Acquire Henry Hawkins for questioning.

OUTCOME: Hawkins acquired following riot and injuries.

CAPT R. Kooro
CMDR T. Wallunga
CMDR R. Stone
LCDR Gira N.
LCDR T. zh'Kherro
LT S. Valore
LT V. Ch'Havran

NARRATIVE: During the briefing, the team created for this mission had drafted the following plan:

1) There would be two groups, a uniformed and undercover group.

2) The undercover group was to find and observe Henry Hawkins, and attempt to place him in a position where an arrest could take place with minimal issue - something somebody clearly forgot.

3) The uniformed team would detain Citizen Hawkins for piracy, representing Starfleet officially.

When we arrived, Captain Kooro clearly and efficiently convinced Drozana authorities to stay out of the way of the Starfleet personnel and allow us to detain Citizen Hawkins. This officer was on the uniformed team. We were called in not long after the undercover team was sent onto the station. Rather than provide an isolated means of detaining Citizen Hawkins, it took place in the middle of the performance.

Captain Kooro and the team approached Citizen Hawkins in the middle of what was a jazz performance and proceeded to detain him. Citizen Hawkins began riling the crowd against us which gave this officer considerable concern. This officer was posted to the entrance and observed the entire situation. It is at this point that this officer must emphasize that this officer does not believe that Captain Kooro is deserving of any demerit. This officer would have, however, chosen a different time to detain Citizen Hawkins, and would go about it differently as this officer is about to explain.

Henry Hawkins, under protest, did proceed with us without direct violence. However, he contributed heavily to the riotous nature of the crowd. Captain Kooro ordered us to move Citizen Hawkins slowly, and to allow him to interact with the crowd. This officer would have, instead, recommended a speedy detainment and not allow Citizen Hawkins to interact with the crowd and use it as a weapon. This officer had thought the BOLO made Citizen Hawkins' slippery snake-like nature clear.

It was at this moment that the crowd became very violent. This officer would describe it as an urban riot.

While we were escorting Citizen Hawkins out, Commander Stone took a chair to the head and was knocked unconscious. This officer attached her commbadge onto Citizen Hawkins and ordered a beam-out. Soon after, this officer was fired upon by the crowd and took a heavy stun wound from a phaser. This officer later awakened in Medical and cannot give any further first-hand account of what happened.


1) Public Affairs must immediately take control of the situation.

2) Command review and make any decisions deemed necessary.

3) Henry Hawkins be questioned regarding his suspected piracy and potentially prosecuted.

4) The team departed without investigating what was suspected to be Citizen Hawkins' stealthed warship in the system. A follow-up is recommended.

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