AAR: DS13/Species 2492 Encounter (Another Day, Another Dollar)

Stardate 94147.8
Captain Thiessen, Tau
Level 2 - Confidential

LOCATION: DS13 Fleetspace

OUTCOME: 5 Civilian vessels have been lost, DS13's systems to undergo a purge and reboot.

DS13 Staff
CMDR Caspius
CMDR R. Hanson
LCDR J. Kermit
LT L'aqtra
ENS Yalul

NARRATIVE: Called to Ops at 1900 hours station time and was informed of the arrival of a triangular probe that was transmitting a communication. The probe transmitted 'Danger', however a long-ranged transmission was received wherein a datapacket was transmitted to DS13. Our crews were unable to decipher the datapacket but it was at this time there was an explosion in one of DS13s Science labs involving graviton particles.

Concerned, it occurred to me that this could be potentially related to the communications that led to the destruction of the Gainsborough. We attempted to trace the datapacket, but were unable to do so within a period of time to stop potential further system contamination.

It was at this time that several wormholes opened around the station. These portals swallows a total of five civilian vessels, and destroyed the unidentified alien vessel that had warned us of the impending arrival. A ship indicative of Species 2492's design exited and remains above DS13. As we had closed to outside communications we were at no further danger from their communications burst, if any was sent.

It was at this point Rear Admiral Konieczko was contacted and made aware of the escalated situation. We held off on potential graviton disruption per orders and instead launched a sensory probe. This probe follows the vessel through a wormhole and was reported being found last transmitting from an M-class planet two sectors from our location.

RECOMMENDATION/ACTIONS TAKEN: A system purge of DS13 is necessary to ensure that the datapacket is removed from our systems; we theorize that the communication from Species 2492 that caused minimal damage to our systems comparatively from the Gainsborough due to the size of this station and its modular design in power and communications.

I have therefore ordered a plan put into suggestion by Commander Caspius to be carried out: DS13 Operations and Engineering will be routing the data through a designated system path we can afford to disrupt, before placing it in a databank we can sever from outside influence. This will allow us to perform a full refresh of DS13's systems without risking losing the data contained in the datapacket sent. We can analyze or purge this data at a later point in a safe location (off-station).

Simply put if it is a reflection of species 2492's data, and it is somehow able to be transmitted outward (think a virus replicating itself) we can't risk DS13 potentially having problems down the line.

Species 2492 is now aware of the location of DS13 if it was not already. It is my suggestions that we further our research into anti-wormhole techniques, as now there is a very real and potential future threat to this station from this species. It's best we be able to defend ourselves or at the very least impede their transport if needed.

Further reports from involved officers are impending. DS13 will remain at yellow alert until Ops' discretion at the completion of our purge project.

I included only the characters from Ops here, as this went on in multiple locations and Tau is only aware of those he was immediately involved with. :) Science/Medical, don't forget to post your crews!

Stardate 94146.2
CMDR P'tok Son of Modruth
Level 2 - Confidential

LOCATION: Deep Space 13

OUTCOME: Power outages and system failures throughout the Science Lab

CMDR P'tok
SUBLT Shiarrael
LTJG Vangilder
LTJG Harrington
ENS Katherine Yalul
ENS Kirstine Yalul

NARRATIVE: The science lab was fastidiously working on various projects when I was informed by Ensign Kirstine Yalul that Engineering would begin running some routine maintenance of three of the lab stations. The original estimate was a system shutdown of two to six hours. I expressed my displeasure with the decision to brazenly disregard the science officers' various projects at a peak shift, but ultimately informed my staff that our battle with science would be delayed. They obliged and acted with honor.

Two engineering officers (including LTJG Vanglider) proceeded to begin shutdown procedures, when LTJG Harrington's time sensitive project met an untimely demise and her progress was stunted by an unexpected console shutdown. It was at this point that it became clear to the officers on duty that the station was dealing with an unusual situation. ENS Katherine Yalul was tasked with determining the location of an unknown transmission. Upon consultation from myself, she was able to triangulate the signal by emitting a series of subspace broadband pulses. In a brilliant display of intellectual prowess and valor, ENS Yalul defeated the problem with a 0.3% margin of error. Qapla'! I reported the outcome to Ops and sent the information to ENS Kristine Yalul.

It was at that point when we were attacked. From what I overheard, a surge in the power relay resulted in an explosion of a few consoles in the lab and the lab was left in darkness. No officers were injured and I was decidedly inspired by the courage demonstrated by the officers on duty in the laboratory. All science officers promptly relocated to the sickbay upon orders from command.

RECOMMENDATION: It is imperative that repairs of the science lab be made a high priority for DS13. With the current attack method of Species 2492, it will be necessary for our personnel to run tests to aid in projects related to curtailing the creation of wormholes in the vicinity of DS13. I remind command that my current projects relate to the creation of artificial wormholes; projects which can be inverted to accomplish the opposite goal.

We must have a hand in the protection of the station! Thus, a timely repair of the science lab is the only honorable and right course of action.

OOC: I forgot one of the members of the engineering team who was in the science lab. If I have misrepresented any of the actions of the people involved, please let me know so that I can modify this AAR. Additionally, this is my first AAR. I thought it would be efficient to place the science report as a reply here. If that is not the correct procedure, please let me know and I will change it.

Stardate 94156.2
LCDR Kermit, J.
Level 1 - Open

LOCATION: Deep Space 13


OUTCOME: 'Species 2492' cyber-attack caused multiple minor power failures throughout the station and damage to a science lab. Five civilian vessels MIA. DS13 required a cascading purge of the main and secondary computer cores to remove the malicious software, which has been completed successfully.

CAPT Tau Thiessen
CMDR Caspius
CMDR Rose Hanson
CMDR P'tok
LCDR Kermit
LCDR Suvik
LT J'laqtra
LT Alexandria Lang
LTJG Roxanne Harrington
LTJG Alexander Vangilder
SUBLT Shiarrael t'Lhoell
ENS Katherine Yalul
ENS Kirstine Yalul

NARRATIVE: Events began when a small vessel was detected on course for DS13. No arrivals were scheduled, so Ops attempted to make contact with the incoming craft but our transmissions were met with no reply. When the vessel arrived, we discovered that it was a unmanned and likely automated. It finally replied to our hails with a simple repeating one-word broadcast: "Warning". While the origin of this drone-ship was not initially apparent, we were able to match its structure and power signature with another ship of unknown origin, previously encountered.

Soon after, DS13 received a long-range comm signal, which did not originate from the newly-arrived drone. The transmission contained a large encrypted data packet, which appeared to contain a significant amount of information. At this point Commander Caspius ordered Yellow Alert. Around the same time, a number of system power fluctuations were reported in the Upper Core science and medical labs. A science team was able to track the origin of the transmission within a small margin of error to an area of space in the Alpha-7192 Sector.

A few moments later, we detected a graviton pulse followed immediately by a small explosion on Deck 73. An engineering team localized the explosion to an overloaded particle emitter, and estimated that the overload was the result of the emitter being used for a transmission beyond what it was designed to handle. Given the timing of the explosion and the graviton burst, we believe it is likely that the malicious data packet somehow overrode local control and forced the emitter to create the burst. At this point, Captain Thiessen ordered Red Aert.

Following the graviton burst, a number of artificial wormholes opened in local space. One opened almost on top of the 'warning' drone, destroying it. Five others opened directly in the path of civilian traffic, resulting in three passenger transports and two freighters being pulled through. All five vessels remain MIA.

A final wormhole opened to reveal a massive vessel, identified as a Species 2492 dreadnought. Captain Thiessen ordered battlestations and we prepared to defend ourselves, but the dreadnought withdrew via wormhole without attacking directly.

In the aftermath, the ops crew (with the help of Commander Caspius) formulated a plan for a low-impact cascading purge, restore from backup, and reboot of all computer systems to ensure the complete removal of any malicious software. This operation was started on SD 94148.1 and completed on SD 94156.2 for a total downtime of seventy hours, fifty seven minutes.

RECOMMENDATION: On my authority, DS13 standing down to condition green as of the time of this reporting. Recommend attempting to track the path of the wormholes to locate our missing civilians. Further recommend DS13 refine procedures for faster system purge in the event of a future such cyber attack. Further recommend implementing station-based anti-wormhole countermeasures for rapid deployment in the event of another attack.

OOC: I was the GM for this event, so if you have any questions about what happened, or want to pursue any follow-up that requires GM-input, feel free to give me a shout!

Stardate 94156.2
LCDR Kermit, J.
Level 2 - Confidential


94 Passengers
Construction Materials
20 Passengers
41 Passengers
Agricultural Supplies