AAR: Earning our Keep (House Woldan Ship Hunt)

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Captain Roh'Khan of House Terrath

LOCATION Orith System (Orbit of Orith Prime and Orith II)

MISSION Recover Data from Missing IKS Ghop’etlh, and Find Status of Ship and Crew. ((Following the Not-So Short Story: {ZP} To Earn Our Keep [Complete]))

OUTCOME Qapla’ (Success)


  • General Cynis (IKS Kor’Goth)
  • Captain Roh’Khan (IKS Qul Cha’bIp)
  • Captain Koreth (IKS Ghop’etlh)

NARRATIVE Traced last location of IKS Ghop’etlh to the Orith System which was mined by pirates, found the ship to have suffered catastrophic damage and crash land on Orith II. Surviving members of the Crew survived being hunted by Hirogen Hunting Party for a week before we arrived. Engaged Pirate Drone’s in orbit around planet and dispatched them. General Cynis dispatched Pirate Leader, and recovered Nausicaan Talon Battleship as prize. Away Team on Planet discovered remains of the crashed bird-of-prey, and recovered Captain, House Pegh Operative, and Romulan Republic Officer from crash site along with several other surviving warriors. Killed Hirogen Alpha leading the hunting party on the planet, and withdrew with ships datacore and survivors.

RECOMMENDATION Outside our boarders, no action necessary. I just hope whatever the hell they were looking for, or scouting around with before hand was worth all this trouble.

RECOGNITION Honor to our Pilot Kronq for showing strength of body and character. Performed Hegh’bat for dying ships Commander, giving him an honorable death. Fought well against his enemies and kept his composure (more than I can say for that Romulan). He has thus proven himself an acceptable addition to our ships crew.

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