AAR: Eledri Infiltration ((11 Jan 2018))

Stardate 94032.2
Level 3 - Restricted

LOCATION: Eledri Prime, Kassae Sector

MISSION: Retrieve several key sources and their dependents from the surface of Eledri Prime.

OUTCOME: All persons were successfully retrieved.

Commander Thue t'Xereth
Subcommander Aurelia t'Veras
Sublietenant Aev
Crew of DPS Vessel Silk Road

NARRATIVE: Posing as civilian merchants with assistance from the civilian company Darkmatter Protection Services (DPS) myself, the Commander, and the Subcommander entered the system on the DPS vessel Silk Road. A brief inspection by the Eledri Civil Defense occurred before reaching orbit. The inspection was largely a way for the crews of those vessels to acquire rare off world goods. A small bribe ensured the inspection was quick and nothing was flagged, and the inspection crews attitude indicated this was the norm. After the team beamed away we moved into orbit and begun searching for the those we were intending to retrieve.

One such group was located within the Vulcan Zone. Access to that area is strictly controlled by the current Eledri government. Fortunately, their defenses were not properly protected from remote hacking and access, and we were able to temporarily weaken the transport inhibitors from orbit. Within that window we were able to beam out all our sources and their dependents. Shortly after transport the inhibitor failed completely; likely due to a power surge through the batteries. We observed mass transports from the outside of the Vulcan Zone to within. These were civilians fleeing the government and seeking refugee within the zone. Our data shows roughly 500,000 such people ended up there.

A population of such size in an area of about 360,000 square kilometers is going to rapidly develop into a crisis for those both inside and outside the zone. Additionally, the sources we recovered have plans detailing a government incursion into that area to remove the Vulcan presence. That plan has likely been scrapped due to the mass number of people in the area now. The situation on the surface is still developing. Further information will be made available as it comes in.

RECOMMENDATION: Prepare one or more vessels to deliver aid supplies to the Vulcan Zone and place them on stand-by should the need arise.

OOC: Part of the ongoing Eledri Prime arc. Please contact @EledriPrime for further information.