AAR: Eraton

Filed By:
CAPT Tungsten, D.

LOCATION Itrin Sector, on approach to Viggo.

MISSION To make contact with the Viggo government, preferably Commandant Eraton (see report details regarding title) whom we have dealt with before, and establish lines of communication. Set up humanitarian aid and establish full diplomatic channels, if possible.
OUTCOME Primary objectives of making contact and setting up communication successful. Humanitarian aid was very firmly refused, which should be viewed as unsuccessful, but there may be future hope for diplomatic relations.


  • CAPT Tungsten, D.
  • CAPT Mirazuni, A.
  • CAPT De Drowvani Nimitz, T.
  • CDR Davin
  • SCDR t’Neral, A.
  • CMDR LaSalle, E.
  • LCDR Often, S.
  • LT Wind-People, A.
  • ENS Tollel, A.
  • ENS Sovum, V.
  • UHL Wilminuo, T.

NARRATIVE The USS Dragon set out towards Viggo, in order to establish contact with whatever power may be there, be it a solo Viggo, or some reformation of the Confederacy of Azed. Aboard were many specialists from DS13 and other ships for support, depending upon how the situation may have unfolded.

Indeed we did make contact just past the nominal border of the Confederacy on approach to Viggo, as three Azedi destroyers ordered us to turn around, and this officer did return hail that we were seeking contact, and ordered the ship to slow down first, then stop as directed. They returned communications noting that the “Grand Chancellor” agreed to speak with us, with much bluster about determining our fate, whether they would seize or destroy our ship, etc. This officer chose to ignore the verbal threats, given our tactical advantages, and focus on positive communication. Still, Tactical was ordered to stand ready with priority on shields, but not power weapons yet, to avoid appearing hostile.

A fourth Azedi destroyer then formed up behind them, and the Grand Chancellor hailed us, revealing himself to be the formerly Commandant Eraton, of the Confederacy of Azed. We have insufficient information at present to determine if he is actually in control of all or most of the former Confederacy, but this at least confirmed that Viggo would not be taking an isolationist or solitary stance.

He demanded to be beamed aboard our ship with aides for discussion, which we complied with. He was very demanding overall even beyond that, and certainly insistent that we believe everything is completely nominal within the Confederacy, that they were stable, and did not want our “charity”. This officer expressed his very impressed approval at such amazing feats outwardly. It seems far more likely that the Grand Chancellor was simply desperate not to show any kind of weakness whatsoever, which certainly feels like things are closer to the precarious situation we have assumed there. However, that is just this officer’s impression, and we do not have enough data to draw a solid conclusion yet.

Of note to both Command and the Diplomatic Corps is that the Grand Chancellor did make clear he wished to trade with the Federation. He stated that he was interested in raw neutronium, and dilithium only. This officer feels very confident this is for the purpose of building more ships, probably to bolster his standing through combat strength. The Grand Chancellor did not specify what they would offer in return on this occasion, somewhat to the relief of this officer both for not needing to defer an agreement that seems questionable, and because this officer allowed one of the aides to enter the details for a subspace communication channel for further discussions into the tactical bridge station, under supervision of Lt. Wind-People. (Further checks were conducted after they left to confirm nothing harmful was put into our systems, or listening devices planted at the suggestion of Ensign Tollel and Lt. Wind-People. All checks were clean.)

So, at the very least, we should have means of contacting them without antagonizing them by flying into their space to talk. I am hoping that Captain Mirazuni may also file an addendum report with her impressions of the Grand Chancellor. I believe that we agree in broad strokes on the likely situation in the Confederacy, but her Betazoid insights will likely add much more detail to the Grand Chancellor’s motivations.

RECOMMENDATION Further contact in some form is certainly recommended, using the subspace frequencies provided. As stated by Commander Davin after the delegation had departed and we headed back to DS13, it would probably be advantageous to arrange a meeting with the Grand Chancellor where he can talk to us privately, without his delegation. And best to offer that as his decision to make. Discussing trade may be the best time to do so, even if it seems like what he is asking for may be too much.
RECOGNITION Lt. Wind-People and Ensign Tollel for their security recommendations, and Commander Davin for his insights, having previously encountered the Grand Chancellor.

OOC Thanks to @kermit for the event, and everyone joining in! Being the Captain of the ship sent, and then talking to a foreign leader, especially as abrupt as our boy Eraton, it feels difficult to get everyone included without just going Zerg Rush on a foreign dignitary, so I hope everyone else found it worthwhile as well! Event Log

Filed By:
CAPT Mirazuni, A


Subject displayed clear signs of posturing, attempting to create an air of authority. Subject was constantly in fear about what his guards and diplomatic team were thinking, which all fed into his diplomatic stance. The former Confederacy is in dire need of humanitarian aid, with no military assets, but the subject did not feel he could accept this and continue to be viewed as a strong ruler. Subject’s stance worked, and his team were proud of him for seeming to stand up to the Federation and reject Federation aid.

This officer decided that, despite his outward hostile position, the subject was a good ally to have, especially if he is able to unite the former Confederacy. This officer attempted to give the subject a boost of confidence, whilst seeming to accept his demands. This seemed to have worked, as the subject did begin to think about approaching the former Confederacy worlds to form a government, and his diplomatic team were impressed with his position.

This officer believes that the Romulan Republic take lead in mediating talks between the Federation and the Viggo. The situation the Azedi find themselves in is not too dissimilar to the recent history of the Republic; a proud people facing a disaster of immeasurable proportions. Furthermore, it is clear that the Azedi will find dealing with anyone, not the Federation more amenable. A number of Romulan officers have already had positive contact with the subject, and this should continue.

Short-term priority must be to deliver humanitarian aid. Longer-term goals should be to help the subject form and lead an Azedi government, especially if continued good relations can be built with him.

Lastly, any officers who have had a past negative interaction with the Azedi should seek counselling, and if need be, removed from dealing with the Azedi. We are at a precipice with the Azedi, and a rash move from any who would seek petty revenge for past injustices will shatter the fragile relationship we are attempting to forge. If these officers need to be publically named, then so be it.