AAR: Event Horizon Donnybrook

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ENS Stobbart

After Action Report

LOCATION Deep Space 13 – Promenade Lounge

OCCURRENCE Following minor explosion on the civilian transport SS NAVE BELLATRIX one male Klingon intruder transported into the station’s promenade lounge, Event Horizon, resulting in an armed altercation with patrons/multiple casualties.

OUTCOME The Klingon perpetrator has been detained in the lower core Detention Facilities awaiting interrogation. The injured patrons admitted to Sickbay where one remains in critical condition.


  • Commander Jarnefelt, Charlotte
  • Captain Grant, Serah
  • Captain Tungsten, Drake
  • Commander t’Nuhirrien, Vriha
  • Lieutenant Sandford, John
  • Lieutenant Mekyu, Siana
  • Ensign Murphy, Adelaide

At 2016 hrs, a gathering of off-duty 38th fleet personnel were present standing near the bar at the promenade’s Event Horizon lounge and reportedly observed a civilian transport ship, later identified as the SS NAVE BELLATRIX, holding station outside the promenade’s main starview in a location designated as an emergency anchorage only. Operations reported attempting contact to the vsl though had received no response.

At 2022 hrs the SS NAVE BELLATRIX experienced an explosion on her aft-port section. While the overall vsl structural integrity remained intact, the explosion was considered by witnesses to be highly luminous and briefly destabilized the station’s inertial dampeners causing a noticeable tremor. At this point the ranking officer on the promenade and chief medical officer, Commander Jarnefelt communicated to operations situational details, ordered all patrons to remain as they were, and left the promenade to prepare Sickbay for any potential incoming wounded.

At approximately 2023 hrs personnel on site reported an unconscious Klingon male (height approx. 2.286 meters / weight 127 kg – at the time of writing, still not identified) transported prone roughly halfway the distance between the top of the lounge’s access ramp and the bar. Lieutenant Sandford and Captain Grant immediately attended checking vitals and to render any immediate medical treatment that may have been required. Ensign Murphy is on record alerting Sickbay by combadge.

The following reported events are extrapolated from the best available recollections of those involved:

After 1-2 minutes the Klingon regained conscious and seized Lieutenant Sandford by the throat. Captain Tungsten is on record alerting security by combadge. Witnesses recall the Klingon shouting various Starfleet disparagements. Captain Grant and Ensign Murphy then engaged to attempt to restrain the Klingon attempting to stand.

As the Klingon managed a standing position, Captain Grant received a considerable blow to her side and Lt. Sanford was thrown by his neck a distance of about 3.5 meters into the back bar. Lt. Sanford remained conscious though debilitated by his injuries. Ensign Murphy was thrown from behind about 2 meters through the table nearest the lounge’s access ramp and rendered unconscious. Captain Tungsten engaged the intruder in martial combat as Commander t’Nuhirrien and Lieutenant Mekyu encircled, joining the altercation. Those involved confirm a knife-like blade/metal shard was produced by the Klingon from within his armor. The weapon was recovered at the scene. Though fleet personnel would continue to be physically overpowered, providing multiple combatants proved effective in minimizing the focused threat to any one individual and mitigating possible serious further injury to fleet personnel and bystanders.

At 2025 hrs myself and Ensign Amon arrived on the scene and were able to subdue the Klingon with multiple phaser stuns. He was immediately placed in restraints and site-to-site transport was utilized directly to the Detention Facility.

Following the intruder’s apprehension, Captain Grant and Commander t’Nuhirrien rendered immediate medical attention to the injured. Lieutenant Sandford was transported on-site directly to Sickbay. See additional reports from Medical concerning triage and treatment of the wounded. No fatalities resulted from the attack.

Interrogation to be conducted to confirm the assailant’s identity, motive, and affiliation. Interview to be conducted with Captain Jaarod Aguilar, master of SS NAVE BELLATRIX, for any additional information regarding the Klingon passenger’s place of embarkation and activities onboard.

Engineering to conduct investigation of the engines of SS NAVE BELLATRIX to determine method of sabotage and identify any source materials of same.

Captain Grant – performing immediate medical first response
Captain Tungsten – affecting direct engagement with assailant
Commander t’Nuhirrien – maintaining influence over assailant’s intended targets

Foolishly I failed to save the transcription of the event. Pls DM me for any necessary corrections or to include any particular shining moments of your characters I may have overlooked.