AAR: Event Horizon Wormhole Incident

Stardate 96188.8
LTJG Sonya Niazov
Level 3 - Restricted

LOCATION: Event Horizon, Deep Space Thirteen.

MISSION: Not Applicable.

OUTCOME: Wormholes delivered Romulan individuals and delivered new diplomatic status quo.

CMDR T. Akaela
SCDR Tylen
LTJG S. Niazov
LTJG S. Zital
ENS Teigo

NARRATIVE: Given the multitude of witnesses and security personnel that attended the scene, this report will be abridged to that which this officer believes to be the most important.

This officer was eating dinner at the Event Horizon Lounge when several individuals reported a 'buzzing' or static feeling. This officer did not, but it could be due to the focus of attention on the food provided by the venue that was present therein. Soon after, blue squares appeared that caught the attention of myself and all others present.

Most people dove behind the bar. Commander Akaela grabbed this officer with her, which was likely the prudent solution given the context of the situation and the ongoing emergency.

They were swiftly replaced with wormholes that deposited the bloated bodies of individuals serving in the military of the Romulan Republic. Subcommander Tylen informed everyone that they were the crew of the D'Ishae. It was called out at the time that nobody should touch them in case they were carrying a virus intended for the denizens of the station. Given the lack of knowledge regarding the Azedi, several people complied.

After precursory examinations were conducted, it was discovered that all three bodies were, in fact, deceased. For the entirety of this situation, this officer remained as an observer given the lack of any applicable legal knowledge or practice at the moment in question.

It was at this time that it was made apparent to Subcommander Tylen that the bodies were carrying maps on them. The maps in question were, as he put it, the new defined borders of the Confederation of Azed. It is unknown to the reporting officer whether copies were distributed.

To the knowledge of this officer, nobody went back through the wormholes before they disappeared. However, on further observation, one did take the majority of a chair before it closed.

Once Security, Science, Medical, and Ops began securing the scene, Subcommander Tylen, Commander Akaela, and the reporting officer relocated to the office of the reporting individual in the legal section.

RECOMMENDATION: This officer has no legal recommendations to make at this time and defers all other recommendations and decisions to the qualified personnel assigned to the respective departments they represent.

OOC: Niazov's take on the Event Horizon Wormholes and the Abduction of The Great Chair. Let me know if I missed you in Key Personnel.