AAR Exploration POI K 1597

Stardate: 93150.4Exploration of POI K 1597Report Submitted: CAPT Bishop, SLevel 1: Open

Long range scans into the Kelterre Sector revealed strange metallic signatures on an M-Class planet. The Endeavour, with a compliment of officers from DS13, went to investigate. Upon arriving at the location, further scans revealed plants and animals as well as the origin of the metal signatures; two large and one small objects. Magnified views revealed that the smaller object was a transporter pad. As the planet was an M-Class planet, I assembled an away team consisting of myself, Sublieutenant Shiarrael t'Lhoell and Chief Petty Officer Thyzee, to beam down to the planet for further investigation whilst Ensign Brecken remained on board to recalibrate the ship's sensors as they were not operating at full capacity.

Upon arriving due south of the coordinates, we started scanning the environment and collecting data, which you may find attached. We were in a river valley, the river in question filled with a with a corrosive liquid. This was unknown to me as before I waded into the river and unfortunately, the lower half of my trousers were dissolved by the river. Whilst I was getting a new pair of trousers, CPO Thyzee decided to drink some of the water. Fortunately, since she did not ingest any, she remained unharmed though her tongue was temporarily numbed. Following these incidents, we located the transporter and made to investigate. What followed was a direct result of tactical failure on my part.
We stumbled upon two humanoids, one Cardassian, the other unknown (please find description attached), possibly concluding a deal. Instead carefully assessing the situation, I lead the team straight into disrupt the deal. The Cardassian, who was holding a giant egg, ran for the transporter and beamed up. Once again, I failed to protect my away team and instead broke rank to tackle the fleeing Cardassian but failed as the Cardassian was gone before I reached the transporter pad. The other humanoid pulled out a weapon and fired upon SubLt t'Lhoell. CPO Thyzee, demonstrating immense bravery, jumped in front of the SubLt and took the shot. Standing up, pulled out my phaser and pointed it at the humanoid, instructing him to drop his weapon. Instead of complying, he turned and aimed at me. I fired a shot at the humanoid sending him stumbling backwards onto a crate. I then proceeded towards the enemy and kicked his gun away. The creature asked me who I was before beaming away. As this was happening, SubLt t'Lhoell requested an emergency beam up for herself and CPO Thyzee. Before I could investigate further, the objects around me started to disappear; the creature seemed like he was clearing up. I then beamed straight up to the bridge to try and apprehend the humanoid.

Our hails were ignored by both vessels who were moving in separate directions. We proceeded to follow the closest one, attempting to use a tractor beam to prevent the ship from going to warp. The ship responded to our tractor beam with a volley of torpedo fire at our tractor emitters. Whilst this did no damage, it bought the ship enough time to jump to warp. Since the other ship had warped out too, we attempted to trace both warp signatures. However, between the uncalibrated sensors and the fact that the ships were attempting to mask their signatures, the results we recieved were vague. One ship had headed to uncharted space, the other to New Circini. I decided to persue the ship heading towards New Circini as it seemed too dangerous to venture out to uncharted space without prior planning.

Our journey took a couple of hours, in which CPO Thyzee reported back to the bridge, seemingly unperturbed by recent events. Furthermore, I had instructed astrometrics to chart the course of the other ship. They had managed to track the ship into a nearby sensor but lost it after a couple of lightyears.

Upon arriving at New Circini, we found a starfield of civilan ships. We attempted to track the ship down by visual analysis, as well as trying to locate warp trails but this search returned too many results. We then proceeded to contact Traffic Control in order to obtain the flight logs of incoming and departing ships but we were asked to produce a warrant before they would give us information. We then got in contact with the chief of security but this conversation was terminated after the operator thought I was "pulling her leg because we were searching for an egg." CPO Thyzee found this hilarious. I did not.

With all lines of enquiry exhausted, I called off the search and returned back to DS13.

Having failed to take the necessary precautions, I must accept blame for losing the two humanoids and for the injury of CPO Thyzee in the away mission. Had I have been more careful, we would have potentially captured the two humanoids.

I would also like to commend CPO Thyzee in her bravery as well as thank Ensign Brecken for helping to recalibrate the Endeavour's sensors and SubLt l'Hoell for the data collected on the various plant species on the planet.

Officers involved:

Sublieutenant Shiarrael t'Lhoell
Ensign Harris Brecken
Chief Petty Officer Thyzee

Data Collected From the Planet
Image reconstruction of the unknownhumanoid
Medical Report on CMO Thyzee


Captian Samuel Bishop
Commanding Officer, U.S.S. Endeavour
DS13 Starbase Defence