AAR: Farian Encounter in Tau Zeta System

Stardate:93415.3AAR - Farian Encounter in Tau Zeta SystemReport Submitted: CAPT Draz, S.Classification Level: 1 - Open

On stardate 93414.1, the Saraswati arrived at the Tau Zeta system (formerly POI-K-1454) as part of our regular patrol. Standing orders for Gemini Squadron indicated that the Zantaari population recently relocated to the third planet may be at continued risk, and suggested that ships passing through the system keep an eye out. Scans of the third planet showed nothing amiss; however, extended scans of the system revealed a ship in orbit of the cold and barren fourth planet. The vessel - an armed freighter of displacement comparable to a frigate or corvette - was nearly on the opposite side of the planet and operating at low power levels, possibly in an attempt to avoid detection; when Saraswati moved to intercept, it went to full power but did not attempt to flee, arm weapons or raise shields.

When hailed, the master of the vessel - a Farian male, estimated age 45-50 solar years - identified himself as Temas Flin, an independent trader, and his ship the Marginal. He claimed that engine trouble had forced him to stop in this system to make repairs, and professed ignorance of the new colony. Detailed scans showed no serious faults in the ship's warp drive, power systems or impulse engines; Mr. Flin explained that his crew had just completed those repairs, and he was about to resume course for home (Farius Prime). As the same scans had revealed no Zantaari or other contraband (or any other cargo) aboard, I had no cause to detain him further.

Despite his apparent innocence, I remain suspicious of Mr. Flin and urge all captains to be on the lookout for him, the Marginal, and any other unfamiliar ships in the Tau Zeta system.

Captain Sanara Draz
Commanding Officer, U.S.S. Saraswati
Gemini Squadron, 38th Fleet