AAR: Final Record of Assistance Rendered to Waydi, Task Force Zenith

Stardate: 89683.2Report Submitted: Lt. Sedai, Outpost Argo

In response to Admiral Garrin's request for available Argo vessels to assist in the Waydi rebellion, the following starships were dispatched: U.S.S. October, U.S.S. Semmelweis, U.S.S. Yorkshire.

Representatives of each vessel met on the ops deck for a short briefing, where Ambassador Nee'Pah'Cei distributed the Mk II model of Waydi telepathic translators to Captain Coby Morton and Lieutenant Margaret Hob. Due to my previous involvement with the Waydi species and related events, I also attended the briefing and the following events, under the assumption that if the translator functionality proved to be insufficient, it would be necessary to have a telepath on hand for communication.

We departed from the Outpost and were just about to enter the Waydis System when we received a communication from Admiral Garrin, reporting in about a distress call from a Federation vessel near the neutral zone. He regretfully informed us that he was obligated to prioritize the protection of Federation assets over the well-being of a non-Federation power and while we were welcome to continue, we would have to do so without the majority of Task Force Zenith.

So warned, we attended the Waydis System and encountered battle-ready Kartain forces almost immediately. The small detachment of six Task Force Zenith vessels that had been sent on ahead had already been destroyed. Captain Morton gave the order to engage the Kartain vessels, which were dispatched with little to no damage to Argo forces.

Upon approach to the planet, we encountered a second blockade of Kartain forces and, again, managed to break through and nullify the threat with minimal damage sustained. With all hostiles neutralized, we joined up with the Waydi and House Garn contingent and an away team beamed directly to a Waydi vessel for debriefing.

Captain Morton, Lieutenant Hob, Ambassador Nee'Pah'Cei and I met with the Waydi's General Havva and Karga of the Klingon House Garn, who appeared understandably dismayed at the distinct lack of Starfleet muscle. The discussion was cut short when an incoming Kartain fleet arrived in-system and the away team dispersed to their respective starships.

We survived another skirmish, but the fighting came to a standstill when we found ourselves practically surrounded by fresh Kartain forces, demanding our surrender. Outnumbered five to one, there was a brief, grim discussion of our options. After hearing of the collective unwillingness to abandon the Waydi to their fate, Captain Morton made the decision to stand and fight, with strict orders for individual starships to fall back if they fell critical.

I have no desire to imagine how that battle would have gone and consider all of us exceptionally fortunate that we did not have to find out. Just as the Kartain ships were powering up their weapons for attack, numerous Federation reinforcements from Task Force Zenith arrived and hailed all ships. Suddenly outgunned, the Kartain vessels were forced to concede without firing a single disruptor blast.

To make matters even better, at the same time, we received reports that the Waydi assault planetside had likewise succeeded.

In acknowledgement of the victory, the four of us attended a brief congregation planetside. We spoke with Karga, who seemed quite pleased by the prospect of moving into the defeated Kartain's holdings. General Havva spoke of the likelihood that the Waydi civilization would be temporarily resisting from further ventures in space exploration in an effort to concentrate on recovering from the Klingon occupation. While I could personally be, perhaps, a little disappointed that the Waydi have not demonstrated more interest in allying formally with the Federation, I cannot argue with their need to focus inward at this time.

At the least, General Havva acknowledged that the Federation's actions had made a favorable impression on the Waydi during this entire ordeal and they even commemorated the events with a memorial statue and plaque. So if nothing else, it seems likely that we will be welcomed allies some day in the future.

At this time, though we have yet to formally assess the precision of the Mk II translators, it is my understanding that the other members of my party were able to receive fairly clear and sensible translations. Research commendations should be reserved for Ensign Esox and Ambassador A'Printa for their tireless work in perfecting these prototypes.

Lt. Katriel Sedai


Ships in this action:
  • U.S.S. October
  • U.S.S. Semmelweis
  • U.S.S. Yorkshire

The following officers provided distinguished service during this action:
  • Captain Coby Morton
  • Lieutenant Margaret Hob
  • Lieutenant Katriel Sedai


(( Just wanted to say it again, but thanks a ton, Shan/Dae, for all the effort you've put into this arc! I know you sometimes had your doubts, but please be assured that I, at least, enjoyed every minute of it. And, in case you forgot, I was there for every... minute... of it. :) So THANK YOU! ))