AAR: Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble

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CAPT Dubois, Christian

After Action Report

LOCATION Qu’vat System

MISSION Locate and close the mycelial rift on Qu’vat.

OUTCOME Mycelial rift identified and closed. All possible data collected. No further actions undertaken.


  • CAPT Dubois, C., USS Peacecraft
  • CAPT Holmes, A., USS Dallas
  • CAPT Mirazuni, A., USS Endeavour
  • CAPT Skye, F., USS MacAlpine

NARRATIVE On Stardate 97633.7, RDML Bishop gathered the personnel listed above for an holographic conference. The Admiral then proceeded at informing us of the emergence of a mycelial rift on the main planet of the Qu’vat system, inside Klingon space. He thereby ordered the constitution of an ad hoc Task Force, to be made by the U.S.S. Dallas, U.S.S. Endeavour, U.S.S. MacAlpine and U.S.S. Peacecraft, with the task of locate and close the mycelial rift. Command of the Task Force was assigned to CAPT Dubois, with flag on the U.S.S. Peacecraft.
With no intel about the political and military situation on Qu’vat, the current state of affairs of the Klingon Empire led Admiral Bishop to order the Task Force to comply to the strictest neutrality, should it find itself involved into military maneuvers.
The assembled Task Force immediately moved on to reach the Qu’vat system. At first sight, it was obvious the planet was in the midst of a desperate evacuation, due to the presence of the mycelial rift. The Task Force was immediately intercepted by a Klingon force, and contacted by its commander, J’Von, who inquired on our intentions. Task Force Commander, per Admiral’s orders, proceeded on explaining the reason of the mission, upon which the Klingons agreed to leave the Task Force passage and operations unhindered.
While initially it was decided to deploy the Endeavour and the MacAlpine to close the rift, with Dallas and Peacecraft providing cover or assistance should the need arise, it soon looked clear that the original plan was not feasible, as one end of the rift appeared to be grounded inside the planet itself. Dallas was thus ordered to re-deploy in order to launch a shuttle to the planet’s surface to collect the necessary data to proceed with the rift closure. Unfortunately, even this wasn’t enough to obtain the required data. Capt. Holmes proposed to dispatch a probe inside the planet, while Capt. Mirazuni suggested to re-deploy the whole Task Force in order to get the data by triangulation. Both ideas were approved, but the probe launched by Dallas proved sufficient to give the data, and the rift was subsequently closed.
With the mission accomplished, the Task Force promptly returned to Federation space unhindered.

RECOMMENDATION The data collected on the mycelial rift should be thouroughly analized in order to perfect the procedures for rifts closure and, possibly, identify more ways to counter their early emergence into normal space.

RECOGNITION All Commanding Officers and their crews performed exceptionally well during the whole mission, showing a degree of professionalism and quick thinking that deserves recognition.

OOC This is the AAR for Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble! Many thanks to @drcrippler for hosting it and for all those who participated.