AAR: First Contact/Advisory Warning

Stardate 95490.1
LTJG S. Valore
Level 2 - Confidential

LOCATION: Neutron Star System (Coordinates Attached)
MISSION: Exploration/Survey, Responding to Distress Signals

OUTCOME: Team made first contact with unknown life form. Encountered mysterious ship.

CAPT A. Nimitz
LTJG S. Valore

During routine exploration and survey of neutron star system by Captain Lyn, numerous distress signals were detected. Responding with own messages increased frequency of distress signals. Believed to either be trap or attempted communication at the time.

Captain Nimitz and Lieutenant Valore took a shuttle to investigate neutron star system further. Captain Lyn and her ship stayed at the edge of the system to observe and avoid neutron radiation. Captain Nimitz piloted the vessel whilst Lieutenant Valore provided tactical and operational support. Lieutenant Valore successfully established first contact with unknown life form using Morse code which life form seemed to have primitive yet existent understanding of. Life Form proceeded to eat shuttle. Life form proceeded to literally eat shuttle. Not hyperbole or metaphor. Originally believed to be hostile, tactical officer recommended firing weapons. Captain Nimitz, in possession of keen foresight, disagreed.

Life form was capable of sending own short-range transmissions, though very basic understanding of language. Capable of properly falsifying voice of LTJG Valore in later transmissions. Based on communication logs and circumstances, it would suggest that life form was eating shuttle in attempt to hide it from unknown vessel in system.

Unknown vessel was made of unknown material. Was visually seen but not on scanners, even at ranges in which neutron effect would be minimal. Unknown vessel was scanning system for something but soon gave up after shuttle enveloped by creature. Creature communicated intense danger posed by mysterious vessel through transmission during and before eating shuttle. Through Captain Nimitz's keen mind and sharp senses, was able to avoid becoming enemy of life form by not opening fire. Believed to be benevolent creature but would still recommend ships stay away. Hull integrity was reduced to roughly 50% as a result of creature's actions. Shuttle requires significant repair before it can be used again. Significant damage sustained. In a gracious action worthy of a Starfleet Officer, Captain Nimitz offered to repair Captain Lyn's damaged shuttle on the Pegasus. Unknown vessel was not detected by Eminence's sensors or visuals. Captain Lyn was not aware until debriefed. Investigation may be warranted into matter.

RECOMMENDATION: Advisory Warning for system for all ships to stay away. Recommend report to be filed with DS13 Quartmaster office for sufficient parts to be moved to Pegasus to assist in shuttle repair. Recommend commendation for Captain Nimitz's wisdom in command decisions. Recommend Starfleet Command look into mysterious ship. Leaving warning buoy in system not recommended due to creature's ability to communicate with transmissions. Could potentially anger or harm creature.

Through Captain Nimitz's valor, shuttle and all personnel on-board were saved. Exploration mission success. Suspicious activity discovered.

OOC: This is the AAR for an impromptu event Isadora held late Thursday night, the 27th. Let me know if anything is missing.