AAR: Flip of a Coin

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CAPT Mirazuni, A.

LOCATION Dartius System, Doza Sector.

MISSION Defend Dartius from a Terran Task Force.

OUTCOME Complete failure. Starfleet Task Force routed. Dartius System occupied by Terrans.


  • CAPT Hanson, R.
  • CAPT Holmes, A.
  • CAPT Mirazuni, A.
  • CMDR Tyrstoc
  • LCDR Grumblinbag (played by Ven)

  • SCDR T’Valerius, S.

NARRATIVE A task force was assembled to repel the Terrans who had attacked the Dartius System. In an effort to provided a coordinated attack and to not repeat the mistake of previous engagements, this officer attempted to lead the fleet in the attack.

Though we were evenly matched, we suffered heavy damage from the onset, with the Terrans targeting fire on the Endeavour. We were quickly disabled and only saved due to the Sunrise and the Atlantis towing us away from the battle. However, this left the remaining ships, the Bark, the Dallas, and the Moytura, at a severe disadvantage. With the tide turned, the three ships were forced to withdraw, leaving the Terrans to capture the system.

RECOMMENDATION Immediate relief efforts are needed to protect the researchers on the planet.

RECOGNITION The failure of the mission rests solely on this officer’s tactical decisions during the battle, which turned an even battle into a disadvantage.

All officers listed above performed above and beyond expectations, despite this officer’s misguided orders. Captain Holmes and Commander Tyrstoc deserve special recognition for their valiant but ultimately vain efforts to defeat the Terrans after the Endeavour was disabled. Their efforts prevented an even more costly defeat.

Captain Hanson and Commander Tyrstoc also have this officer’s gratitude; both rendered assistance to the Endeavour when she was under fire. Without their actions, I would not be alive to write this report.

OOC The soundtrack to the battle: The Defeat At Waterloo (Napoleon Total War OST) - YouTube