AAR: Flower Power

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CMDR Jarnefelt, Charlotte

After Action Report

LOCATION Sickbay, DS13

MISSION Providing medical care to 2 freighter crew members after an accident during Gamma Shift

OUTCOME 2 Crew members cared for their wounds and also strange plant virus removed from them after being found to be carrying it.


Attending Physicians:

  • CMDR Charlotte Jarnefelt, CMO
  • LT Victor Castillo
  • ENS Josi Izly

Also in Sickbay:

  • CAPT Keexa Bahieh
  • LT Jackson Provenza
  • LTJG Sonya Niazov

During Gamma shift, sickbay became particularly busy, mostly basic cases that were easy enough to deal with. Then sickbay was disturbed by a drunk freighter captain who came in very loudly singing and did make attempts to swing at staff luckily LT Provenza provided assistance, by taking her to the side and talking to her.

Shortly after sickbay was alerted to a freighter accident and the only two crew members were being directly to sickbay. Quickly myself and Ensign Izly jumped to action and took on caring for the two patients who had severe plasma burns. It was noted that both patients had very low oxygen levels and despite being supplied oxygen these levels would not rise.

Ensign Izly’s patient went into cardiac arrest she quickly went to action using the defilibrator to restart his heart. I asked Doctor Castillo to assist the Ensign, and the pair were successful in their efforts.

During this time Lieutenant Provenza was able to talk to the drunk captain as it turned out it was her freighter and crew that were in the accident. She continuously talked about not wanting to be infected so stay behind. Efforts made by the lieutenant found out that freighter crews in the company she worked for were all being infected with a mysterious virus.

Upon hearing this we scanned the patients and found they were indeed infected with a virus, the same one we had encountered months ago from the strange plant left at the bar. However this was a mutated strain which was much weaker, it did not have the capacity to reproduce itself and therefore could not spread, however quarantine procedures were put in place. Captain Bahieh was in sickbay at the time and had her ship tractor the freighter to a safe distance and put up warning beacons for people to stay away. Currently I cannot speak on the condition of the freighter.

Myself, Doctor Castillo, and Nurse Izly agreed to follow along with the same treatment method as before though we were wary of starving the patients bodies of oxygen due to their current condition. We were successful in removing the virus as it no longer had the conditions it needed to survive so it exited the body were it shortly died as it was unable to reinfect any other host.

RECOMMENDATION It is of my opinion we attempt to get into contact with the freighter company, and ask them about what they know about this virus. If this is the second time it has come to our station it is likely that it could come back, and I would like to be able to know more about it so I can use a safer treatment method to combat this virus.

RECOGNITION Both Doctor Castillo and Nurse Izly performed exceptionally well given the chaos of sickbay. It was a very busy time and they were able to work well under pressure.

OOC This is for the flower power event. Please let me know if I have misrespresented your actions in anyway or missed you off the report. There will potentiall be follow up events in the future.