AAR: From Photons to Phasers

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CMDR Samaras, A

After Action Report

LOCATION Leiti, Norellia System, Alpha 7190 Sector

MISSION Locate the missing shuttlecraft, Wapping.

OUTCOME Crew rescued from Leiti, Wapping destroyed.


  • CMDR A. Samaras
  • LT(JG) R. Mitsuki

NARRATIVE The Wapping was deployed on a scientific survey, along with two crewmembers. After failing to return at the appointed time, the U.S.S Endeavour began a search, which led to the shuttle’s emergency beacon being found coming from the Norellia System.

The Norellia System was the location of a new colony settled by the Tiz’imi, a race native to the Alpha 7190 system with whom the ship made First Contact with before. With the knowledge that the Tiz’imi were a friendly race, and that the colony on Leiti was settled underwater (as Leiti was an ocean planet), this officer, alongside Lieutenant Mitsuki, were deployed onboard a modified shuttle for underwater travel, to locate the shuttle and the missing crew.

NARRATIVE Our arrival on the planet was smooth, and the modifications to the shuttle held well, allowing us to travel effectively underwater. As we tracked the emergency beacon, we came across the underwater colony, which was still in the middle of construction, although the dome covering the city had been completed. The remains of the shuttle were nearby, and with no lifesigns. Scanning for combadges revealed the locations being in the city, but there was no response from either badge. Hailing the colony returned nothing either, and this officer decided that we would head towards the city regardless of the lack of response, and attempt to explain should a negative reaction be faced. Fortunately, we were met with no response, and were able to dock at the airlock safely.

Upon disembarkation, we were surrounded by armed Tiz’imi guards, who accused us of being “Gamma spies,” but when one of our crewmembers appeared, he told the guards that we were friends and the guards stood down. It became clear that our crewmember had built up a rapport with the Tiz’imi whilst he was on the planet. He informed us that the other crewmember was on the other side of the city, but we were unable to get to them because it seemed the Tiz’imi were engaged in a factional war with each other, and we would be unable to access the other side of the city.

Furthermore, we noticed an unusual feature with the Tiz’imi, were the people only lived a maximum of 48 hours, before they were cremated and used to feed the newborn children. This very short lifespan went against the known records of the Tiz’imi, who would, on average, live for up to 50 years. The crewmember we rescued also told us privately that he was also starting to feel older. It was surmised that there was something on the planet that was accelerating the ageing within our cells, having an accumulative effect the longer we were there. It became clear that we would have to find the missing crewmember and get off the planet quickly if we had any hope of surviving.

We had also learnt that this cycle of rapid ageing meant that the Tiz’imi were losing the ability to operate machines and technology, meaning there were large storerooms that were untouched. It was guessed that there would be a computer system and a database in one of these rooms, and this officer, alongside Lieutenant Mitsuki, decided to go access these to understand the Tiz’imi better.

Records stated that the Tiz’imi landed on a large colony ship, which was located in the centre of the city (incidentally, this was where the fighting of the different factions took place). The Captain of the vessel confirmed that it was indeed the planet that was causing the cell ageing, and that the first colonisers of the planet, who landed three months ago, knew about this, and had built a device to counteract it. It was clear from what had transpired from that point that the device was not activated.

It was decided that to save the crewmembers, and the people on the planet, we would need to activate the device. We made our way to the ship, avoiding confrontation where possible. Once we entered the colony ship, we were able to complete the activation of the device, and convince the factions that we had stopped the ageing process. With all parties happy, we were reunited with our missing crewmembers and were allowed to depart.

RECOMMENDATION No action necessary. It seems that the Tiz’imi were well prepared for their colonisation efforts, but a cruel twist of fate prevented them from fully settling into their new home. We may be able to check in on them from time to time, and continue our friendly relations.
RECOGNITION Lieutenant Mitsuki performed excellently on this mission. She is beginning to show signs of good leadership judgements, giving good tactical and strategic insights when asked for. Her respect for the rank does mean she holds back sometimes, but this cannot be faulted. She deserves recognition for her continued good work.

OOC This is the AAR for the event, “From Photons to Phasers”, Part 1 and Part 2. Huge thanks to @Master_Dex who participated in what ended up being a fairly good Endeavour crew focused RP. Even though the plot was ripped from Doctor Who.

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