AAR: Galatea vs. The Borg

Report Submited: Stardate 90608.2
At around 10:30 pm, Today, The USS Galatea was attacked by two Borg Spheres in the Pariah System. Within minutes the ship had been severely damaged and was being boarded. I (Commander Pailes) and Captain Seafort made our way to the engineering deck to prevent the Borg from assimilating Main Engineering. We then received a message from the bridge that the ship was continuing to engage the Borg. At this time we began clearing the engineering deck. As we reached Main Engineering we received another message that Commander Tolliver had been injured and was in critical condition. We acknowledged it and cleared Main Engineering of intruders. As we finished this, one last group of Borg beamed in, and Captain Seafort rolled an explosive barrel between himself and them and fired his weapon at it. He was blown back and was seriously injured in the process. At this time I became the Acting Captain of the Galatea, and received a message that the ship was clear of intruders. I then ordered maximum warp back to DS13, and radioed ahead. Captain Seafort and Commander Tolliver are still in critical condition and are being treated.


Commander Noah Pailes