AAR Gama MIrror Universe incursion

Stardate 93729.3
CAPTAIN Emery Quint

Level 2 - Confidential

LOCATION: Badlands, Cardassia sector, Alpha Quadrant

MISSION: To provide fire support and defensive force against a follow up Terran Empire incursion into our dimension.

OUTCOME: Defensive position held, some losses sustained, but no ships lost.

Captain Quint
Captain Vallen
Captain Skye
Captain Ashikaga
Captain Sh'Alundi

NARRATIVE: Initially there were five ships assigned to support operations in the area of the Badlands. We were to take up scouting positions, but during the mission brief, portals began to open and the Task Force was forced to engage an aggressive and heavily armed Terran Empire battle Fleet. The enemy had deployed several generators and defensive installations quickly, leading me to assume they were pre staged on their side of our joined realities.

The battle was drawn out further by the extreme amount of Capital ships deployed by the Empire's forces. Dozens of ships, classification matching Odyssey class, were reported in the field. Despite heavy damage to ships in the Task Force we manged to gain ground against the onslaught. The amount and intensity of the battle did prompt a call for assistance and the USS San Francisco and the USS Gneisenau both responded.

By the end of the battle we had held off the second attempt to breach our universe. Causing the destruction of two enemy starbases and heavily damaging a third. Several ships received moderate to minimal damage, most serious of these is the USS Shinano, 17% of her crew including her Captain sustained serious injuries, and the ship itself will be in dry dock undergoing hull repairs for breaches.

RECOMMENDATION: I recommend that a Combat ready force be maintained in the Badlands area until such time as the rifts can be countered completely. We should also expect that the Empire will throw a larger force into the fight.

OOC: I talked to Ash to add any reports on the damage to the Shinano or their person so there maybe more incoming. Other officers involved are also encouraged to include ships status reports.