AAR: Gate

Stardate 96059.8
LT S. Valore
Level 3 - Restricted

LOCATION: 1) Donatu Sector. 2) Gre'thor, Location Unknown.

MISSION: Investigate disappearances near trade route.

OUTCOME: Pegasus and several other officers abducted and brought through dimensional rift. Escaped with Federation prisoners.

CAPT A. Nimitz
CAPT B. Rosewood
CMDR T. Wallunga
CMDR V'lol
LT S. Valore
LT O. Prydin
LTJG L. Aruyo

NARRATIVE: Several ships were dispatched to a trade route in which several disappearances had been reported. We waited for several hours when suddenly what appeared to be a dimensional portal opened and a battle ensued. This officer cannot recall how the battle ended, but remembers waking up on the enemy vessel sometime later.

For some reason, the vessel was now a Terran 18th century wooden vessel that sailed on waters. This officer, along with Captain Sel and Commander Wallunga, had been pressed into the crew of this vessel. Several hours seemed to pass, but for whatever reason, time did not behave normally. What seemed like seconds were days and what seemed like days were seconds. The crew were composed of what appeared to be walking living corpses of Klingons.

It was decided that information must be acquired. Given the crew were Klingons, it was decided that it should be acquired following a brawl with a Klingon. As this officer is a Vulcanoid and more physically capable of such an altercation, this officer volunteered. However, as this officer soon discovered, the walking corpses that this vessel was composed of were not afraid of death and were not easily defeated. Following a nerve pinch, the Pegasus opening fire on the vessel in question, and an interrogation, it was told to the party by the Klingon that we were in Gre'thor, the supposed Klingon afterlife. The Klingon knew very little information, unfortunately.

Soon after the interrogation, a cannonball flew through the wall and hit the Klingon, sending him flying out of the room. This officer was knocked against the wall and discovered that this officer was impaled by a wooden stake. Captain Sel and Commander Wallunga moved to assist, but this officer was losing copious amounts of blood. However, this officer noticed that the situation was not akin to dying, as this officer is familiar with the situation, having undergone a simulated death during Purgatory.

Following means to stop the blood flow, the party encountered Commander V'lol as part of the Pegasus' boarding party. The stake was pulled out following this officer's recommendation, and this officer was carried back to the Pegasus along with the rest of the party. By the time we had reached the Pegasus, this officer's wound had healed to the point that no scar remained.

The party began interrogating a Klingon prisoner we had taken during the boarding - the same this officer had moved to extract information from when we were on the first vessel. This officer managed to convince the Klingon to assist navigation in finding the devices his people used to enter our dimension. Following arrival to a fortress with a port, the Pegasus opened fire on it and the Klingon vessels while this officer joined Commander V'lol's shore team to acquire the spheres.

While the others were investigating the spheres, this officer discovered a tripwire linked to a rifle - an obvious trap that was soon disarmed. This officer and Commander V'lol, being the two Vulcanoids on the shore team, heard voices. Following an investigation, the party discovered several cages with many people of Federation-member species. Their names were confirmed to be on lists of missing persons. Deciding it was too dangerous to risk civilian casualties, we moved to evacuate the civilians to several boats the Klingons had abandoned during the battle along with the spheres we took. Upon arriving at the Pegasus, we departed the world and returned to normal space. Upon checking the chronometer, it was discovered that the entire event happened over the course of a singular hour. This dimension is also capable of distorting time.

1) Recommend Command investigate the situation further.

2) Recommend Diplomatic Corps be contacted regarding possible diplomatic situation with Klingon Empire.

3) Recommend Department of Temporal Investigations be contacted.

4) Recommend lodgings be provided to the captives the party freed and a program be initiated to integrate them back into society. It is difficult to tell how long some of them have been missing. It could be centuries.

5) Recommend the same be applied to the Klingon who assisted us in returning.

6) Recommend Counseling be contacted, as some individuals may be experiencing trauma.

OOC: Thanks to Nimitz for hosting and everyone to attending. This was a lot of fun, and allowed some serious character development usually not available in normal DS13 roleplay. If I missed any details or you're not on key personnel, let me know.

Stardate 96016
CMDR Wallunga, Tarm
Level 3 - Restricted

LOCATION: Donatu Sector (deep space)

MISSION: Pirate hunting; recent pirate attacks in the region wherein the crew of attacked vessels were captured or otherwise made missing, whilst the cargo of those vessels was otherwise ignored, had taken place. Several ships were dispatched in an effort to entice the pirates into attacking them.

OUTCOME: USS Pegasus, its crew, and other commanding officers kidnapped, displaced to what was believed to be Gre'thor. Upon effecting a return to "normal space", a number of former Federation citizens were freed from this captivity.


CAPT Nimitz, Alistair
CAPT Sel, Zaliel
CAPT Rosewood, Benjamin
CMDR Wallunga, Tarm
CMDR V'lol
LT Valore, S.
LT Prydin, O.
LTJG Aruyo, L.

NARRATIVE: After having received a number of reports of merchant shipping being attacked and their crews captured (or otherwise missing at time of investigation), it was decided that a number of ships would be dispatched in order to attempt to gain contact with those responsible for the attacks. USS Pegasus, USS Brahe, USS Endeavor, and USS Wayfarer departed DS13 after a brief meeting for strategy, and began emulating merchant vessels. Having drawn the attention of those responsible for these attacks, all ships began attacking the enemy vessel, which appeared to be a Fek'Ihri based design. The first vessel was rendered ineffective by first a combination of fire from the aforementioned vessels and the releasing warp plasma exhaust. The first vessel then ended up being destroyed, presumably as consequence of that ship maneuvering through the cloud of plasma exhaust. A second ship appeared, however, and that is the last thing I can clearly recall. I should note further that up to this point, the two enemy vessels appeared in "real space" via a wormhole-type access point; I cannot speculate on the exact nature of this "transition", however, as once the second ship appeared, I was rendered unconscious.

When next I was able to understand what was going on, I found myself on the deck of what otherwise appeared to be a an ancient wooden sailing vessel, appearing to be from the Age of Sail (for reference: somewhere between 1600 and 1800 AD, Earth Calendars). In short order I was able to make contact with CAPT Sel and LT Valore, and it would at this time appear that we had been impressed into service aboard what can only be described as a sailing vessel crewed by undead Klingons and, possible, members of other sapient species. What felt like several days passed by in short order; though, at other times, mere moments might have felt like hours or days unto themselves. At any rate, after some time, the three officers (Sel and Valore, and myself) attempt to cordon off one of the "undead Klingons" (I hesitatingly use this term; this descriptor will be used only because of how the rest of the crew appeared. I cannot argue either way regarding the accuracy of this statement, only on what was seen or perceived to be present) in an effort to figure out where we were, where the vessel upon which we were was headed, and how, if possible, to get back to home. Initial efforts to communicate with the crewman proved difficult, for alongside their appearance, the crewman's demeanor did indicate Klingon: gruff, non-talkative, and generally unhelpful to our situation. The idea of starting a bar room brawl was mentioned in order to single out a possible crewman to confront, but the idea was thus refined to encouraging a single opponent to provide the information we required, assuming we could best them and, in other words, establish dominance.

LT Valore, considering a Vulcanoid’s strength, was the one to engage with a Klingon. Initial efforts weren’t the most promising, but eventually the targeted crewman was subdued. At about the same time, the ship we were on came under fire, which we later were able to determine as being the Pegasus. The Pegasus was also now an Age of Sail vessel, armed as though she were a regular ship of the line. In short order, the ship we were on was defeated, and CMDR V’lol came aboard at the head of a boarding party. During the assault, LT Valore was injured, having taken shrapnel through her torso and being effectively pinned to a bulkhead. However, during her being pinned, and the extrication and transfer back to Pegasus, it was determined that for whatever reason, these injuries were, in fact, not at all life threatening. Observations of others, including the Klingons aboard the now defeated ship, seemed to indicate that one could be subdued but ultimately, injuries sustained would never truly kill anyone.

Now back aboard the Pegasus, the opportunity arose to speak with the Klingon previously confronted by LT Valore. Over the course of interrogation, it was determined that his name J’wer, and presumably had been dead for so long that neither his House nor his honor no longer mattered. He did provide some information regarding a potential way to return to our own universe: a port not far from where we were at that time has been known for constructing vessels that are fitted with a device “not of this world”, and that of late, all new vessels were being fitted with said devices. J’wer then provided assistance to navigation and in time, we arrived at the port.

The port itself was guarded by only a few light ships, and a garrison in a fort on shore. A green barn was designated as the place where the devices we needed were stored, and so, amidst the Pegasus engaging the frigates outside port, CMDR V’lol lead a shore party consisting of the above listed officers (minus CAPT Nimitz, who was commanding the attack by Pegasus). A trio of guards were discovered where our rowboat came ashore, and in short order were subdued to the point that we could continue towards our objective. Upon reaching the “green barn” it was discovered that there were a large number of Federation civilians – numbers and some identifications seem to match with known missing merchant vessel crewmembers. The shore party then proceeded to affect a rescue plan, utilizing the rowboat the shore party used to reach shore as well as a number of unmanned boats spotted during our approach. As the civilians and the shore party made their way to the boats, I grabbed one of the “devices” described to us by J’wer as “not of this world, as though they don’t belong”. They were spherical in nature, rather light given their size (approximately three-quarters of a meter in diameter), and easily transported by hand. I regret that I wasn’t able to bring more than one back, but as we were anticipating the option of resistance on the way back to our boats, I felt it was more prudent to carry one. The remainder of the shore party was divided between assisting with stretcher teams (CAPT Sal in particular) and scouting and flank security as we progressed.

In time we returned to the boats and made our way back aboard Pegasus. J’wer assisted with the integration of the unknown device into our navigation, and in time we were able to return to “our universe”. Prior to departing, Pegasus defeated the ships defending the port and blew up the enemy fortifications on the shore.

It is worth noting that what seemed to be several days spent in “the other universe” was, in fact, only about an hour. Once we returned “home”, the civilians were attended to and the officers returned to their posts – CAPT Sal and I returned to our vessels and CMDR V’lol went to her hangars. LT Valore remained aboard the Pegasus for the return to DS13.

RECOMMENDATION: I have a number of recommendations for the Command to consider given this series of events.
1.) The civilians be treated as needed before being returned to their families; this is paramount, of course.
2.) J’wer be transferred to DS13 for medical treatment (if necessary) and some sort of diplomatic effort made to repatriate him to the Klingon Empire. I advise some caution in this matter, however, with what I know of the individual, and what I understand of Klingon culture. J’wer claims to “have been dead for so long”, etc., that his House no longer exists, and/or he no longer has any honor. Perhaps this ordeal (assisting us, etc.) may change his mind; I don’t know. However, given his nature, he may not desire a return to the Empire, or, very likely, he may not have a home to return to.
3.) I am concerned regarding the “organization” that had been, presumably, entering our universe and stealing our people for the purposes of crewing their vessels. While the fortifications of the port we attacked appeared to have been destroyed, I do not know what impact, if any, this will have on whatever organization this is ability to continue operations. In short, their threat may not necessarily have been eliminated, and therefore, we should consider anti-piracy operations in order to identify and eliminate the individuals or organizations responsible.
4.) Lastly, recommend commendations for the following: CAPT Nimitz for his timely rescue and for providing combat support throughout; CAPT Sel for maintaining focus throughout an incredibly taxing situation (particularly LT Valore’s wounding); LT Valore for interrogation efforts and operations as part of the shore party.
5.) If the device is available to us still, the one that was used to bring us home, we should study it and learn whatever we can as a potential preventative feature with those we fought in “Gre’thor”.

OOC: I think I got everything pertinent, and probably a bit more than what is needed. This was a good event series – thanks Nimitz! Please let me know if I missed something or got something wrong/inaccurate. Also, I'm not sure if Level 3 is the best security restriction/code for this report; however, I followed Valore's lead and left it at Level 3 as her initial report is there. I am available for discussion on this if necessary, of course.
Further - stardate conflict. As I recall (and I can be way off, too) the event was originally schedule to have taken place, ICly, roughly the 5th of January, or at the very least, immediately after the holidays. This is the reason why the Stardate of my report is set for January 6th, 2419, and does not match up with Valores. If I need to adjust the stardate for any reason, please let me know.