AAR: Homecoming

Stardate: 91868.1Report Compiled from Ships' Logs & Sensor DataDelivered to: 38th/Command

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A Bajoran long-range passenger transport responded to a Starfleet-issue automated distress beacon approximately two lightyears outside the Dreon System, where they recovered an escape pod belonging to the USS Ender. The escape pod occupants were all deceased. No debris or other signs of the Ender were detected. From that location, the transport reported picking up another automated beacon, several hundred kilometers inside Breen territory. They approached the border, but turned back after failing to make comm contact with a Breen warship that was patrolling nearby.


The USS Ender was listed as Missing in Action approximately five months ago. Starfleet lost contact with the vessel after she embarked on a Search and Rescue mission for the 38th Fleet's own USS Saratoga, with which Starfleet lost contact nearly a month before the Ender was originally dispatched.

The USS Galatea led a task force consisting of the USS Heimdall, USS Indomitable, USS King's Mountain, and the USS Titanic to the Mariah Sector near the Breen border, to search for the missing vessels.

Shortly after arriving, a distress call was received indicating a small pirate raid in the Renyn System (Grid E-5), and the Galatea dropped back to handle the situation while the remaining task force vessels initiated a search pattern along the border. Two Starfleet distress signals were detected from within Breen space (Grids C-2 and D-2). Additionally, long range scans began to reveal at least three Breen patrol groups in the area.


Captain S'ill of the Heimdall made contact with one of the Breen vessels in the hopes of negotiating a border crossing, but the Breen were unwilling to discuss the situation.

By this time, Galatea had rejoined the group, and with the possibility of Federation survivors in Breen territory, a rescue/reconnaissance plan was hatched. The Titanic activated its cloaking device and covertly crossed into Breen space (at Grid A-4) while the other ships attempted to occupy the attention of the Breen patrols.

From her new location, Titanic was able to perform more detailed scans of the area, noting a large Breen fleet departing what appeared to be a military base in the Duripant System (Grid A-3).


Moving around the military base and deeper into Breen territory, intending to covertly reach the location of the original distress signal, Titanic continued to track the movements of the foreign patrols. She also noted the presence of a nebula (Grids B-1, C-1). As Titanic moved further, she began to pick up numerous other Federation escape pods (Grids A1, B1, B2, C1, C2).

Meanwhile, King's Mountain began running detailed scans of the nearest distress signal, revealing it to be another escape pod from the USS Ender. It was determined that the pod had been floating in open space for at least several months, during which time power and rations were depleted, resulting in the deaths of the occupants.


Titanic recovered one of the escape pods, reaching the same conclusions as King's Mountain's scan results. However, long range scans showed that several similar distress signals were coming from the surface of a planet in the Adrel System (Grid A-1).

Since the cause of the deaths of the crewmembers in the escape pods appeared to be running out of power and supplies, the reasonable assumption that if other escape pods were able to reach an inhabitable planet, that the occupants might be able to survive for an extended period of time.

Titanic moved into the nebula (at Grid B-1) and established secure communications with the rest of the task force, to relay the newfound information.


The task force moved close to the border (near Grid E-1) and launched a decoy probe into Breen territory in an effort to draw their patrols away so that Titanic could attempt to recover the escape pods and move towards the potential survivors (in Grid A-1).

The majority of Breen forces in the area took the bait, and Titanic was able to immediately recover six escape pods. As she approached the Adrel System, the fate of the Ender quickly became clear. The vessel had attempted an emergency landing after sustaining massive damage, but was destroyed by the impact. Twenty-three Ender crewmembers were recovered from the planet surface. Titanic then returned to the nebula to reestablish communications.


While Titanic was rescuing the Ender survivors, the Breen fleet contacted the Galatea and demanded an explanation for their presence along the border. Captain Pailes attempted to stall the conversation, giving the rescue mission time to progress.

Before long, though, one element of the Breen fleet inexplicably turned and moved into the nebula, while three additional patrol groups began moving towards the brewing confrontation. Before sensor contact was lost with the group entering the nebula, the task force noted readings consistent with weapons fire.


Captain Pailes and the task force attempted to continue stalling the Breen, while the Titanic moved to investigate the unexplained weapons fire. Arriving at the source (Grid C-1), Titanic made contact with the USS Saratoga, now under attack by the Breen.

The Saratoga, which must have been hiding in the nebula, had sustained heavy damage from repeated engagements. The ship's warp core was not present, likely having been ejected long ago, and numerous systems were failing.

Titanic sent a transmission to the task force to inform them of the situation and then engaged the Breen in defense of the Saratoga


While Titanic locked a tractor beam onto Saratoga and began moving towards the edge of the nebula, the Captains of the task force attempted to once again draw the attention of the Breen fleet, this time, by moving 'up' along the border towards the military outpost.

Unfortunately, this action was not entirely successful. The Breen did follow the task force, but they chose to cross the border and attack before they had been drawn sufficiently far away from Titanic and Saratoga. In fact, the position at which the confrontation began was directly in the path of the planned escape route from the nebula.


Titanic and Galatea took the brunt of their respective assaults, each sustaining considerable damage. Indomitable and Heimdall were initially disabled by Breen Energy Dissipation weapons.

By the time Titanic finally reached the border, Indomitable had restored power and was able to take over the towing of the near-disabled vessel, while the task force effected a retreat.

Two out of the twenty-one involved Breen vessels were destroyed (one by King's Mountain and one by Titanic), and their fleet did not pursue any deeper into Federation territory.

From the USS Ender, 8 Escape Pods were recovered while one pod and the wreckage of the vessel itself remain inside Breen territory. 23 survivors were recovered out of the ship's compliment of 152.

The USS Saratoga was successfully towed back to Deep Space 13, where it has been placed in drydock pending evaluation. 591 survivors were recovered onboard, out of the ship's compliment of 849.

Vessels Involved:
Captain Noah Pailes
USS Galatea

Commander Erika Hayasaki
USS King's Mountain
Captain Keori S'ill
USS Heimdall

Captain Chance Wilson
USS Titanic
Captain Tamara Sant
USS Indomitable

Lt. Cmdr. Matt Owen (Acting CO)
USS Saratoga
To: 38th Fleet Command; DS13 Engineering
From: Captain N. Pailes
Subject: USS Galatea Damage Report


In the engagement with the Breen, the Galatea sustained heavy damage and sadly lost 40 crewmen. The damage reports are as follows:
  • Large hull breach on the port side of the Drive section, just aft of the main deflector.
  • Primary power grid sustained heavy damage on decks 10, 15, 20, 22, and 23
  • Transwarp coil damaged beyond repair in jump to DS13. Replacement will be required.
  • Aquarius Escort port nacelle coils shattered
  • Starboard impulse engine plasma exhaust fused

Respectfully request estimated time to repair completion from DS13 Engineering so that we may resume our scheduled operations as soon as possible.

Captain Noah Pailes
USS Galatea
Odyssey Class
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TO: Adm. R. Celes, FCapt. N. Perim, CEng R. Brot'la
FROM: Capt. C. Wilson
CC: DS13 Operations and Engineering, Starfleet HQ Earth, MACO HQ Earth
SUB: USS Titanic Damage Report

Sir's and Ma'am,

It is my duty to report that the USS Titanic was once again severely damaged in the raid in breen territory on stardate 91868.1. The following is a list of damages.

  1. Main Phaser Lance Control Mount Destroyed - Needs Replacement
  2. Port Phaser Cannon Tracking Systems Disabled - Needs Replacement Part's
  3. Aft Torpedo Launcher Command System Down Due Hull Fractures -Hull Repaired and Lines Rerun
  4. Third Nacelle Fighter and Shuttle Bay Doors Warped - Needs Replacement
  5. 23 Hull Fractures Decks 5-27
  6. 2 Hull Breaches Deck 39
  7. Major Hull Scoring All Decks
  8. 12 Fuzed Plasma Conduits and 31 Blown EPS relays
  9. 16 Fighters and Yellowstone Class Shuttles Expanded - Will Need Replacements
  10. Numerous Other Damaged Systems

It should be noted that Titanic has a number of Escape pods and the remains of some 48 crewmembers of the USS Ender and Saratoga. Also we sadly lost 23 members of the Titanic with another 31 wounded. However we did recover 23 crew from the Planet in A1 from the USS Ender, and we where able to recover 591 crew from the USS Saratoga.

It should be noted that the two crews have been transferred to DS13 for care, and that at 1300 today there will be a service for the combined, Titanic, Ender and Saratoga dead.

Captain Ricky Chance Wilson, Commanding
U.S.S. Titanic NCC-91912
United Federation of Planets, 38th Fleet "Argo", Deep Spacestation 13
CC: -
FROM: CMDR. R. Brot'la
SUBJECT:Damage Reports


First of all, it's good to know no vessel have been lost, but I do want to comment on the fact that next time, perhaps less invasive tactics can be used. We only have so many active vessels. I'm not a tactician, but I do know that perhaps it is time for a tactical training after the wars most invasive influence on our mindset. I may sound like a pacifist, but lives are important.

U.S.S. Galatea Damage Report

A transwarp coil isn't that easily replaced, it's in the heart of the ship. Half your hull is open and such it is quite a dramatic decrease in operational abilities. I estimate a two week repair time, this can be spend up to one if your own ships crew works with us.

U.S.S. Titanic Damage Report

I do not know what the breen have been using, but damages these heavy are almost enough to break a ship in two. Next time I suggest waiting for a reactionary force of the federation to join you. Four vessels is not enough for such an operation, but I'm not a tactician again. Estimated repair time will be two and half weeks. These many fighters you lost aren't an easy job to replace, but we'll get it done.


Commander Rix Brot'la
Chief Engineer of Deep Space Thirteen
Starbase attached to the the 38th Fleet
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