AAR: Hostile Takeover

Excerpt from a situational update of the USS Rightous patrolling the former romulan neutral zone

At stardate 92101.3 we picked up a freighter manned by romulan refugees attempting to pass the border between the romulan star empire and the federation.

The refugees gave to protocoll that they are the only ones who managed to flee theire colony, kilas, wich came under a attack by outlaws. According to the refugees the pirates known as "The ravager of Hala", Xlaashis, K'aylar and Slivss assisted the Bloodhunter mercenary group under command of Chuzuzur O'Kar in the invasion.

Due to the unique nature of the kilas nebula in wich the same named system lies i advise starfleet to install additional sensor arrays in the vicinity of the border to detect pirates attempting to cross over it instead of risking a direct attack.

Perhaps we can organize a liberation of the colony once we know exactly how the pirates managed it to counteract the energy interference of the nebula.
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