AAR: Hugs Not Bugs

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LCDR zh'Vhenda, Kora

LOCATION Deep Space, near rogue planet XL1-A22, Aldebaran Sector, Beta Quadrant

MISSION Diversion from Survey of XL1-A22, Attempted Rescue Mission of Derelict Ship

OUTCOME Contact made with hostile organism. No survivors found. Derelict destroyed


  • CAPT Vel, Lunya
  • LCDR Flynn, Matthew
  • LCDR zh’Vhenda, Kora
  • LT Drush, Lala
  • LTJG L’sherra

NARRATIVE On above posted Stardate, USS Midway was en-route to carry scientific survey team to rogue planetary object XL1-A22 when it received a distorted audio distress signal in the current path of the ship’s travel. Captain Vel ordered ship out of warp in an attempt to ascertain the location of the distress call, to be able to render aid.

Upon finding the location of the signal, a derelict ship was located. Hull design and manufacture were unknown, but most likely a civilian transport of “multiple” starship parts. Attempts by Lieutenant Drush to further decipher the contents of the distress call were met with zero success, when the message ended, and became further unrecoverable. Seeing no obvious hull breaches, Captain Vel contacted me to lead a boarding party/away team to the derelict ship (LCDR Flynn, Myself, LT Drush, LTJG L’sherra)

Upon beaming aboard, it was immediately evident that the ship had been met by a very peculiar fate. Coating the walls of the corridor was an unknown fungal type substance, and casualties were immediately apparent, and the ship was under emergency power. When LCDR Flynn attempted to check the vital signs of the body nearest to the away team, the victim grabbed at him, while attempting to say the word “Alive”. Initially it was assumed that the victim was in fact alive, but that was immediately rendered false, when the same fungus on the walls, proceeded to consume the victim’s neck, terminating their life.

Seeing an immediate threat to the away team, an attempt to make contact with the Midway was made, to no avail. At this time it was determined that stronger communication methods were required, and also determined that the material composition of the derelict’s hull was preventing comm badges from getting a signal to Midway. The boarding party was led via signs to main engineering, in an attempt to restore power to the entirety of the ship, so that communications could be re-established.

Once LCDR Flynn was able to restore power, two immediate problems were determined. First, communications were locked from all terminals that were not on the bridge. Second, most likely due to the unstable inner workings of the ship, restoring power resulted in a pending catastrophic coolant breach within an hour. At this time, I began to lead the away team to the turbolift shaft in an attempt to climb to the bridge. Attempting to use the turbolift car was too risky due to the unstable power situation. During this time, sounds were heard from the decks above, suggesting either possible survivors, or another organism was aboard.

Once reaching the bridge, it was determined that the source of the sounds were an unknown creature that seemed to mix the fungus with humanoid physiology. An attempt was made to try to not startle the creature, but once failing to do that, it attacked the away team. Myself and LT Drush attempted to hold the creature off, while LCDR Flynn and LTJG L’sherra attempted to restore communications. Realizing the danger of the situation, LTJG L’sherra also engaged the creature with phaser fire in an attempt to subdue or terminate it. Numerous phaser hits were made on the creature, even going as to the point of removing appendages, and the creature still continued to attack the away team. It was at this point communications were restored with the Midway and the away team was beamed back aboard, not before LTJG L’sherra secured a sample of the fungus

Doctor T’Lera assured that the transporter bio-filters prevented any contamination that would have breached Scientist L’sherra’s sample container. Once being appraised of the situation, Captain Vel ordered the immediate destruction of the derelict with quantum torpedoes.

End of narrative:

RECOMMENDATION Further study of the organism is warranted to determine its threat to the Federation. LCDR zh’Vhenda admitted to sick bay for 2x broken ribs. Possible critical incident debrief would be beneficial to LCDR Flynn, LT Drush, and LTJG L’sherra

RECOGNITION Recognition to entire away team for their bravery and composure in an extremely hostile situation with an unknown organism. Additional recognition to LTJG L’sherra for overcoming her fear and assisting in engaging aggressive organism.

OOC Was a LOT of fun to lead that story to all who attended. Perhaps there will be another…muwahahahahahaha

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LCDR Flynn, Matthew

ADDENDUM Personnel should note that when the vital signs were examined of the body shortly after coming aboard the vessel, the victim never in fact took hold thanks to the quick actions of Lieutenant Commander zh’Vhenda. There is some doubt there would have been no harm to myself had she not pushed me away.

RECOMMENDATION It should be considered that for future away missions that fit similar criteria to bring along a officer with medical experience. None of those present appeared to have sufficient training outside of basic first aid.

RECOGNITION See above addendum, although observing Lieutenant Commander zh’Vhenda’s ability to take charge, bravery, and composure as detailed both within her dossier and by Captain Vel definitely warranted her as a important addition to the crew, particularly during her actions on the bridge. Also, Lieutenant Junior Grade L’sherra’s actions to defend the away team were commendable.

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CAPT Vel, Lunya

ADDENDUM @DS13.Counseling @USS.Midway.Medical

Due to the extreme nature of this encounter, I am recommending all away team members to be debriefed by either shipboard counseling or station counseling. I would prefer they make appointments on their own, and preferably with DS13 Counseling staff due to the possibility of familiarity bias and that they may or may not be honest with what they encountered. At this time, I am leaving it up to those officers to make the appointments themselves, however if I notice any sort of deterioration of either performance or behavior, I will make such request an order.

I will be making attempts to speak personally with all those involved, to explain this recommendation, and why it was made.

See initial AAR filed by LCDR zh’Vhenda for names of officers involved.