AAR: Impact

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CAPT Varley, Lauren

After Action Report

LOCATION Deep Space Station 13, V774 Tau, Aldebaran Sector

OUTCOME Large unidentified object emerged from subspace and impacted with station’s shields, taking them offline and inflicting minor structure damages.


  • CAPT Bishop, S.
  • CAPT Varley, L.
  • CAPT Nimitz, A.
  • Kalris
  • Eiten
  • CMDR Jarnefelt, C.
  • SCDR Eviess
  • LTJG Niraj, A.
  • LT Beles, E.

NARRATIVE Approximately one minute before Gamma shift time stationside, short range sensors detected and object just inside the first docking marker inbound on a collision course with the starbase at high speed. Red alert was sounded, shields were raised, and an all-call was issued to brace for impact. The U.S.S. Pegasus in orbit of the station attempted to obtain a tractor lock on the object but was unsuccessful due to the object’s velocity.

The object was incinerated on impact with the station’s shields, which were critically damaged and rendered inoperable. Damage control and medical teams were dispatched as required, but despite concussive impact the starbase remained structurally intact. Pegasus and Founder’s Wisdom were tasked with active sensor sweeps of the area to augment the station’s search in identifying any further threats. None were found.

The station reverted to yellow alert. Medical confirmed that only minor injuries were sustained, and aside from the shield systems damage control assured the starbase was not in a critical condition. The officers of Pegasus and Founders’ Wisdom were brought to the conference room to discuss the situation with command.

Sensor analysis indicates the object impacted off-bore from central mass of the starbase, which coupled with the fact that nothing followed may suggest this was an accident. However, the object was also identified as solid neutronium. This and the fact that it emerged from subspace indicates it was likely not of natural origin. The trajectory of the object was identified and the decision to dispatch a vessel was made. The conference was adjourned.

RECOMMENDATION Repair crews will continue working around the clock to rectify the damage dealt in the incident. A starship will be dispatched to investigate the determined source of the object.

RECOGNITION Lieutenant Alexandria Niraj performed above and beyond my expectations at primary ops, coordinating with local civillian traffic and managing sensors to ensure the safety of everyone in the system.

OOC The AAR for Varerus’ event! Thanks for running this, and to everyone who participated.

Filed By:
LTJG Niraj, A.

After Action Report Supplemental

SUPPLEMENTAL NARRATIVE This supplemental will elaborate on the findings of my investigation into the sensor failure during the events of Gamma shift.

After review of sensor and computer logs, it appears that our entire subspace sensor array had been inverted, directed towards the interior of the station as opposed to externally. It is my belief this had been done by a member of the science or engineering team attempting to track down an escaped creature as per this communiqué released by the science department today.

The sensor systems have now been reset and diagnostics confirm long range subspace acquisition is now working correctly. Two palettes have been reserved for the use of tracing this escaped specimen.

Unfortunately preliminary logs do not indicate who requested this sensor reassignment, who authorised it, nor who made the change itself, I will continue to investigate. I do not at this time believe these actions have been carried out with malicious intent, however the end result was that Deep Space 13 was without shielding for numerous hours following a potentially hostile first strike which may have been mitigated or prevented entirely.

RECOMMENDATION Continue log investigations to determine why long range sensors were reassigned and on whose authority. Investigate possible malicious intent, though it is likely this will just be a training opportunity.

OOC Just a quick bit to pass the blame from Operations to another department as to why we didn’t see an asteroid hitting us. Mwahahaha.