AAR In The Dunes

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CPTN Christina Boris, USS Zenobia

After Action Report

LOCATION Olia System

MISSION Locate and if possible, recover Starfleet probe last reported in this system.

OUTCOME Probe found stripped of components and logs corrupted. Post industrial, prewarp civilization known to be in system found missing. Unknown starship found in orbit of planetary gas giant.


*Crew USS Zenobia

NARRATIVE We arrived in system and immediately began scans. While the gas giant could not be scanned unless orbit was achieved, the M glass was scannable and the probe was detected in orbit.

Upon achieving orbit the probe was found to be stripped of useful components, and its logs as to how this happened was corrupted. Whether this was accidental or deliberate is unknown.

As probe recovery was conducted for further examination, scans was made of the surface where the prewarp, but post industrial society on the surface was found to be all but abandoned, the neglect of the remaining infrastructure showing the collapse had occurred shortly after Starfleet had last visited the world, roughly 80 years ago.

Scans also detected the technology of several warp civilizations is small amounts and an away team was dispatched to investigate. They discovered what appeared to be a camp of nomads, possibly humanoid that while unoccupied at the time, was certainly not abandoned and a species of native Earth camel-like creatures tied up in a sort of coral and clearly being used as mounts or beasts of burden. The missing probe parts were not found.

After recovery of the away team a final investigation of the gas giant was made where a derelict ship was discovered in orbit. While it is possible it was used in the abduction or evacuation of the local populace, a through investigation could not be conducted without recovering the vessel, and unfortunately it is too massive for the Zenobia to recover with her tractor beam alone.

After the ship’s location was marked, the Zenobia left the system and returned to DS13.

RECOMMENDATION Further investigation of the missing civilization and the nomads found on the surface are strongly suggested.

Remains of probe has been recovered and returned to DS13, recommend remains are further analyzed for leads as to who stripped it and corrupted the logs, if possible.

Finally recommend salvage task force of appropriate size be assembled to recover derelict in orbit of the gas giant and investigated for clues.

OOC SUBJ: Olia System Assignment

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