AAR: In the Original Vulcan

Stardate 94419.2
CAPT Beylara Ailes
Level 1 - Open

LOCATION: Donatu Sector

MISSION: Meet with two parties--one Rihannsu and one Vulcan in order to find more information about assisting with search for missing children.

OUTCOME: Missing children found. They ran off together to escape parental control. Currently being treated for medical needs and their shuttle being repaired aboard the U.S.S. Avalon.

CAPT Ailes, Beylara
CAPT Rosewood, Benjamin
LT Xan, Pira
LT Collins, Elreden
ENS Niraj, Alexandria

NARRATIVE: The U.S.S. William Ockham departed DS-13 in order to rendezvous with the two parties involved. The first, the Corusca family, Rihannsu parents of a fourteen-year-old daughter. The mother's name was Yatahn t'Corusca and the father was Rendel tr'Corusca. They apparently had a son as well, one Kindar tr'Corusca, but he was sent ahead to search for the two lost children. The second party was a Vulcan couple: F'dan, the father and T'gree, the mother.

The two children who were missing were the daughter, Paela, and the seventeen-year-old son, J'tel. It appeared that the two stole a rather poorly maintained shuttle and took off together approximately two days before.

Almost immediately, the two sets of parents devolved into arguments. Captain Rosewood was able to reconcile them into behaving civilly long enough to establish necessary details.

An ion trail was discovered, likely belonging to Kindar's shuttle, which also seemed to be showing signs of ill-repair. The Ockham set off after it and soon encountered both vessels, firing upon each other. Only the smaller, with the two children in it, answered hails. They were safely transported aboard, but their final sally unfortunately destroyed the other shuttle.

The two youths made it clear that they were very much affectionate with each other and refused to be parted. After a brief conversation, it was decided to remove them to the U.S.S. Avalon for more extensive medical care, and repairs to the damaged and poorly-maintained shuttle. This can be used as an excuse to hold them until a situation can be resolved between them and their families.

RECOMMENDATION: Recommend the Avalon continue to host the children until the two families and the children can have a mediated meeting, preferably with a counselor or diplomat who agrees to assist with this. Captain Rosewood has extensive diplomatic experience, for starters, and was extremely useful in helping mediate the situation. He has offered to take on this responsibility while the Ockham deals with other difficulties.

OOC: This was a mission of the U.S.S. William Ockham. If I have misinterpreted your actions or gotten your name incorrect, please let me know. Apologies for this being so brief and maybe in need of elaboration or correction. Will take a look in the morning!