AAR: Interrogating the Wormholes (MU)

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LT Izly, J.

LOCATION I.S.S. Birk; Itrin System

MISSION Interrogation (And Execution) of an Azedi (Citali) Wormhole Expert

OUTCOME Exceptional Success.

CAPT Varley, L
LT Izly, J
ISS Birk Prisoner F223A (Deceased)

NARRATIVE During the Battle of Azed the Birk managed to capture a number of Azedi prisoners; among them were two of their alleged Wormhole Experts. While one of them proved to be simply fabricating his rank to buy living time (and was airlocked soon after) the other was indeed of actual use in the proclaimed field.

Kept confined in a single-user Agonizer Bed; the Citali was given chances to give to us as much information as he could about his work, his peers and their respective workstations, and where those locations might be.

For the sake of this record it will be stressed that any information regarding the wormhole technology itself in any form was not stored or logged- and all Terran key personnel were given strict protocol to avoid coming into contact with such information- lest they wish to be executed along with the prisoner.

After only a short while and a few instances of being subject to Agonizer Fields, the prisoner was more than willing to divulge any and all information they knew- under the belief that they would be set free in some way by doing so; or to at least make the pain stop. In the end we received info that a number of their peers were located in and around the Citali System; with most of the locations stated being moons and larger asteroids.

RECOMMENDATION For any who wish to pursue a few skulls or simply have nothing to do; you are more than welcome to comb through the Citali System to find these bases and laboratories. Any non-Terran Vessels are most likely free-game regardless.

RECOGNITION A small thanks to Her Ladyship Varley for ensuring the interrogation- and execution, was swift and efficient.

OOC Just a small bit of RP between @Lauren and I; gotta get them points in! Should count towards the Weekly