AAR: Investigation of transmission from Aurking system vicinity

Stardate 92586.6

TO <38th Fleet Command>
CC CAPT Holmes, CAPT Lazard
SUBJ Investigation of transmission from Aurking system vicinity

I'm currently en route back to Deep Space Thirteen from just outside the Aurking system, where we responded to a repeating transmission picked up by the starbase.

Approximately four hours ago, Deep Space Thirteen received a wide beam transmission. It was an audio message only, a series of clicks in a pattern that repeated itself every few seconds. The station computer identified the message to be in the language of the Korlackress, but was unable to translate it. Ensign Jin from station engineering was able to triangulate the original transmission point of the message, and I made the decision to prepare the Sagan for departure and leave immediately.

After arriving near the coordinates provided, the computer was able to translate the original message. Our computers appear to be able to translate the the Korlackress language only in relatively close proximity to the transmission. It read:

"This is Ghadruil of the Korlackress Empire. We jumped to warp, but we soon ruptured our core. Please help."

We proceeded to intercept the coordinates and found a heavily damaged vessel. Our sensors and transporters were unable to penetrate the ship's on board atmosphere effectively. But, we were able to modify the Sagan's secondary deflector into a microwave emitter-relay, which we tied into the bridge comms system in order to 'hail' the ship, as their vessels cannot receive our subspace transmissions. An attached transcript of our conversation can be found in this report.

It should be noted that what could be determined of the ship was that it was built with a single, large weapon at the centre of its design. This seems to correlate with the design of the previous Korlackress vessel encountered by another team sent to the Aurking system.

We discovered that the ship's warp core was in a deteriorating state, and I ordered an engineering team to assemble in the main shuttlebay and board the ship along with myself and Ensign Jin. My justification for joining the engineering team is the diplomatic importance that our mission held.

After about two and a half hours of work, the damage was repaired and one of the Korlackress's injured workers rescued. Ghadruil, who is a figure of some importance in the Korlackress religious regime, assured me that his vessel was capable of returning home on its own, so my crew returned to the Sagan and we departed.

I would like to submit my special commendation of Ensign Jin's work. She was able to modify our deflector array in order to communicate with the Korlackress, and lead a repair team in stabilizing a warp core of truly alien design with 100% success.

Captain Lauren Varley
Commanding Officer, U.S.S. Sagan; Gemini Squadron

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VARLEY:"Ghadruil of the Korlackress Empire, this is Captain Varley of the United Federation of Planets. We're here to provide assistance, do you copy?"
GHADRUIL:"We copy United Federation of Planets. Thank you for coming."
VARLEY:"We can see that you suffered some damage, but our sensors are unable to determine what exactly occured. Do you require medical assistance?"
GHADRUIL:"Mmm, yes. Medical and structural assistance. One of our workers got caught under a support beam, and a warp core is failing."
VARLEY:"Understood. If you provide us with the necessary atmospheric conditions, we can modify a containment field in our sickbay to receive your worker, and attempt to transport him out."
GHADRUIL:"We have scanned your ship. Your atmosphere will suffice for the time being."
VARLEY:"Understood, standby."
VARLEY:"Your vessel's atmosphere is causing too much interference for our transporters. We can attempt to stabilize your warp core and help your worker if we board your ship."
GHADRUIL:"That would suffice. We will not shoot."
VARLEY:"Much appreciated. Do your engineering crews know what the issue with your warp core is?"
GHADRUIL:"Crack in the core."
VARLEY:"That'll do it. We will coordinate docking shortly."