AAR: Irreo Study

Stardate 93267

TO CAPT. Koniezko, D.
CC 38th Fleet Command
FROM CAPT. Nimitz, A. H.
SUBJ Irreo study

Captain, We've had a very enlightening visit to Echomet.

First off, we quickly discovered in our talks with the Irreo that they are in no way being treated as Second Class Citizens, and the creation of the Irreo districts were done on their choosing. They simply feel more comfortable with other Irreo, that is not the case for all Irreo as some choose to live among other Echometa. When asked about how they'd feel about a technology to help around their disability, they seem reluctant to want to try it, preferring to wait for an actual cure, even then, they seem very happy with what they have now.

I personally spoke to the Mayor of the town where the landing site is. When asked about the laws regarding the Irreo being unable to lead, he had no judgment in his voice as he explained that in their views, it was the same situation as having a blind shuttle pilot. However, he did say that if there was a technology or a cure for the Irreo disability, he was fairly optimistic that the laws would be revisited to allow the Irreo equal rights on that front, but it'd take time.

In conclusion, I believe that if we were to find a cure, or even a technology to work around the Irreo disability, the impact to the Echometa society will be very low, in a fact, I would even go as far to say that the Echometa would be very happy to not have to deal with Irreo Sign Language.

Alistair H. Nimitz
C.O. | U.S.S. Rutledge (NCC-65428)

Stardate: 93267.6Irreo StudyReport Submitted: CAPT Varley, L.Level 1: Open

To supplement Captain Nimitz's report, the following will be a brief summary of the findings of myself and Lieutenant Cullum after speaking with some of the Echometan populace regarding the Irreo.

The individuals questioned believed that the Irreo were not being treated unfairly, either in a workplace environment or outside of one. Indeed, they expressed some surprise that we might come to that conclusion. While one of the subjects claimed he had no reservations about working with Irreo, another did admit they find communicating with the sign language cumbersome.

Based on what we learned, my opinion is that either none or a very small amount of Echometa have a significant problem with living alongside the Irreo, and that personal feelings such as seeing them as friends range from those who enjoy watching them 'sing' songs with their sign language, to those who prefer to limit their interactions with Irreo as a result of difficulty in communication.

In conclusion, there was no evidence discovered of a conscious and forced social segregation, such as what would be found in a caste-based society.

Worthy of mentioning, Lieutenant Loreih was instrumental in our conversation with an Irreo individual. Her telepathic abilities sped up the process considerably.

Officers Involved:
CAPT Nimitz
CAPT Varley
LT Cullum
LT Loreih