AAR: Itrin System Patrol (MU)

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CAPT Varley, L.

LOCATION Itrin System, Itrin Sector.

MISSION Discourage Federation advances into Itrin System.

OUTCOME Ongoing success.


  • CAPT Varley, L.

  • CAPT Akaela, T.

  • LT Izly, J.

  • Federation vessel USS Alexander ((Maikull))

  • Federation vessel USS Atlantis ((Kermit))

  • ((And sneaky Sadia aboard the IKS Daramar, cloaked))

NARRATIVE During patrol of Itrin, a single Federation battlecruiser arrived in system and slowly approached. They made their intentions clear, seeking communication. We obtained a number of civilian hostages from a nearby vessel and accepted the request made by the Federation vessel, Alexander. The Captain didn’t make any clear demands, I suspect he may have been attempting to probe for information. I threatened to begin executing my hostages unless they withdrew, which saw them quickly depart.

Some time later, a second Federation vessel arrived with much less subtlety. Closing to weapons range at warp speed and dealing heavy damage to our shields on a first pass, Saratoga reacted immediately to ward them off. A brief skirmish ensued, which saw them retreat. Coordinating with Birk and the Iserlohn, a more ambush-resistant patrol pattern of the system is being implemented.

RECOMMENDATION Maintain a presence in Itrin due to its positional importance to our continued expansion of the area.

OOC I’m going to leave the Itrin Patrol lobby open in the discord (unless the admins tell me not to) for a little while to act as a bit of a sandbox! Feel free to warp in as either faction, see who’s skulking around, find and drive off ships of the enemy, or coordinate with allies!
(Edited to include other players present!)