AAR: Johnson's Asteroid Base

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LT Loxton, N

After Action Report

LOCATION Asteroid Facility of Johnson’s Weapons Facility

MISSION To ascertain location of counterfeit weapons facility and recover latinum

OUTCOME Mostly Successful. Ascertained location of facility manufacturing counterfeit weapons. Did not manage to successfully recover the latinum for Commander Rai.


Lieutenant Loxton

NARRATIVE After several meetings, I managed to convince Nasse to allow me to tour the location of the weapons facility, which is located in an asteroid in a system close by. I managed to meet a human, whose name was only given to me as ‘Johnson’. However, during the mission, it became apparent that Nasse had ascertained that I was an undercover agent. I engaged in a brief conversation with her, during which she pointed a disruptor at me, she informed me that she was leaving and that I can go after Johnson if I wished. I tried to persuade her to help me in the future but she politely declined.

RECOMMENDATION Since I have been compromised and my true nature is known to the woman known as Nasse, I am no longer an asset to this operation and I therefore recommend I be taken off the assignment.

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ADDENDUM With the intelligence provided by Lieutenant Loxton’s infiltration of the organization and facility, the R.R.W. Vaurek’s policing action of the facility has resulted in the shut down of the production plant and the capture of the vast majority of personnel following an attempted evacuation. Several of the officers were captured as well, which will provide information to targeting more established associates.

This report was delayed to first analyze its effects. By current figures, the sale of counterfeit Romulan weaponry has sharply decreased back to levels prior to the matter being brought up by intelligence services. To conclude, it would appear that the operation was a success and reflects well upon cooperation between the Republic Navy and Starfleet.

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