AAR: Journey to Exosia

Filed By:
ENS Thyzee

After Action Report

LOCATION Subspace layer known as ‘Exosia’. Exact waveform is restricted.

MISSION Contact the group of Ocampa hereby designated ‘Suspirians’, and enlist their assistance regarding:

  1. Theoretical link between psychic abilities and subspace
  2. Expanding knowledge of certain psychic talents
  3. Extending the lifespan of this officer, ENS Thyzee

OUTCOME Objective one: inconclusive. Objective two: failure. Objective three: success.


  • CPT G. Valencia
  • ENS Thyzee
  • ENS A. Murphy
  • CPO T. Ashodi

For this section of the report, this officer will attempt to refrain from being too abstract in descriptions to avoid confusion. However, given the nature of Exosia, this may be difficult. Further addendums may be required.

On stardate 98097.7, the above personnel departed Deep Space 13. Approximately one astronomical unit away from the base, the group was successful in opening a short-term subspace rift into the correct layer.

Upon arrival, CPT Valencia, ENS Murphy, and CPO Ashodi were successfully rendered into a semiconscious dreamlike state to reduce any effects that a lack of physicality may have inflicted upon them. From their perspective, they still had physical form and senses, though said form and senses did not have any effect, the metaphorical implications of their uses did.

After combining our efforts, we found the location of the Suspirians. After a moment of discussing how to contact them, the mental shield this officer placed around the group was subsumed by that of the Suspirians. Once in the ‘interior’, we were greeted by a group of these Ocampa that did not attempt to communicate. They only observed the group with what I felt was idle, condescending curiosity. After a moment, the group was approached by a Suspirian who identified himself as Tanis. This was the same Tanis encountered by the U.S.S. Voyager on stardate 49164.8. It was explained that time flowed differently in Exosia.

After explaining the reason for our being there, this officer accompanied Tanis out of the group’s mental barrier. From this moment forwards, despite the species of this officer having eidetic memory, recollection becomes difficult. I suspect this was a purposeful effect induced by the Suspirians.

In hindsight, I was far too trusting, but I sensed no malice. Shortly, Tanis began what I can only describe as a psychic ritual. He told me this would assist in my endeavors. This officer complied, and entered a hazy state of mind. The next moment I recall was being roused from this state by the efforts of ENS Murphy.

Immediately, Tanis and other observing Suspirians became extremely agitated at the interruption. Tanis had commented that the ritual would culminate in a joining of myself to Suspiria, the nacine entity they served. This developed in to violent anger after I refused to continue- I had no intention of staying, for any reason. I do not recall if I had previously agreed with Tanis about this. If I had, I was being influenced.

This officer reformed the mental barrier around the group, just in time to block a series attacks from Tanis. Shortly, the other Suspirians joined him. After instructing the group to focus on maintaining the barrier, I began to will a return rift into existence.

The group successfully returned to our own reality, on board the shuttle in which we departed upon. Such a return journey did not leave us unscathed- This officer was unconscious and experiencing symptoms associated with overextension of psychic ability. The others were in physical pain induced by extreme mental exhaustion.

After returning to Deep Space 13, this officer was teleported to sickbay to be treated. After waking, this officer was informed by medical personnel that my body inexplicably showed the signs of an anti-aging process. As this officer is not a medical professional, I recommend consultation of the examiners for further detail. This officer personally suspects it was an effect of an early stage of the process they were forcibly using to bind my essence to Suspiria.

RECOMMENDATION I firmly recommend that no further journeys to Exosia be attempted. Now that the Suspirians, and by extension Suspiria, are aware that we can penetrate their layer by more conventional means, they will be far more active in defense. I can only presume than any more interlopers would be destroyed.

RECOGNITION All officers performed above expected ability given the unusual circumstances they found themselves in.