AAR: Kilur System Patrol (MU)

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CAPT Varley, L.

LOCATION Itrin/Doza sector border, later Kilur system.

MISSION Assess battle-readiness of the Birk

OUTCOME Federation patrol routed, Kilur system secured.

CAPT Varley, L.
LCDR Stern, U.
LT Izly, J.

NARRATIVE The Birk, having taken very significant damage during the battle of Azed, was due for an inspection after her primary systems were repaired. Saratoga and Celeres rendezvoused so that myself and Commander Ulrich could beam aboard. Lieutenant Izly has risen far above her station, boldly taking responsibility for the vessel after its captain was tragically killed during the aforementioned battle. She has seen the vessel back to a satisfactory state.

To practically assess the ship and crew’s readiness for combat, we engaged in a brief wargames battle, Saratoga facing off against Celeres and Birk together. Before the engagement could be conclusively resolved in victory one way or the other, sensors detected a Federation patrol within range. We abandoned the wargame exercise and pursued. The chase ended in the Kilur system, where the Federation vessels made a feeble attempt to ward us off. One was destroyed, the other fled shortly after. Birk and Saratoga remained to inspect the wreckage and scout the system. Nothing of value was found, but the system’s sparsity means it may serve as a staging area for further advances. The only civillian vessels identified were light scavenging craft, which made for adequate target practice.

RECOMMENDATION Keep the Federation on the defensive and push further into the Doza sector.

OOC Thanks for joining me for Terran fun, Izly and Aev! I know you guys beat me in the wargames, but as far as the IC record goes, it’s your word against Lauren’s. <3